Tuesday, July 8, 2014


419 scams

UNICEF Adoption Office
125 Maiden Lane,
11th Floor New York
NY 10038, USA


I am Mr Mathew Payne, the chief consultant Early Childhood Development in Emergencies UNICEF . I have been mandated to search for an individual to foster a 14 year old child who lost his parents on the ongoing Syrian war. His parent was an African-American Military contractor who were killed in Aleppo,Syria by January along his wife with no relative to care for their child.

We shall love a good honest Male or Female mostly a married couple capable accepting the kid and taking good care of him and after 2 months the UNICEF Adoption Office will send 1 social worker to check the standard of living you have put the children.Please be informed that any one who adopt/foster this child will be privileged in handling the child's inheritance of $2.8 Million.this will be initiated through the help of the family lawyer. 50% of the inheritance will be invested by that individual on-behalf of the child till his legal age, 30% for his upkeep while 20% accrued to the foster parent for service rendered.

Note that adopting or fostering this child doesn't mean he will live with you in your home, he might be placed in a children's home in your country till his legal age. Even though you are not in a position to adopt/foster this child, you might know someone who can. God bless you as you help the helpless. I wait to hear from you.

If you are interested please notify me with my email below so we can proceed in the adoption process:
Name: Mathew Payne
Email: matpayne01@outlook.com
Yours Solemnly,
Mr Mathew Payne