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419 scams

Dear friend,

Please accept my sincere apology for barging into your mail box uninvited, It is of
great urgency I have written you this mail.

I am Barrister MOHAMMED SADIQ,I am one of the lawyers of Muammar Al-Gaddafi, the former
president of libya who was killed by rebels on 20/10/2011.It was with great shock and
tears getting the news of the death of my client and friend.

But i will like to go straight to the main reason why I have contacted you,which is of a
business proposal.

As a lawyer of the former president of Libya,I have access to most of his asset which he
disclosed to me secretly being his personal lawyer and friend,including an account where
he lodged a substantial amount of money which has not been detected by anyone including
the NATO.because we made this account secured for a long time.

Even after the world court have sanctioned that all AL-GADDAFI and Family Account should
be frozen,we still made sure this account was kept secret, up till this moment

they still have no trace on this account.I have prepared the document for the banking of

Since my friend is dead and I am the only one who has access to the account.I have
decided to share the said amount with you if only you are willing to help me with the
transfer of this funds,and I will share the funds with you 50/50%.

The reason why I consulted you to help me transfer this money,is that, I can't transfer
the money in my name.For I am Gaddafi's lawyer and if I transfer the money myself,it
will be noticed and linked that the money must be one of AL-GADDAFI's loot.

I strongly believe that,as one of the Ex-president's lawyer,some members of the interim
government who were close to the late Muammar Al-Gaddafi must be monitoring me to see if
there will be any trace of his assets which has not yet been discovered even when the
court's order was to freeze all of Al-Gaddafi's assets.

I will entrust you with further modalities on this transaction as soon as you agree to
partner with me.

If you are interested please contact me on this email address:

I hope we can work together and be friends.

Sincere Regards,
Barrister Mohammed Sadiq.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

New scam pretends to be unwanted bill from StubHub

Boxing fans know of the upcoming boxing match at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas pitting welterweights Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. It promises to be a spectacular show. But many people in the Tampa Bay area and across the country who aren't going to the match are getting an email that looks like an order confirmation from the ticket broker, StubHub. The email says the recipient's credit card is about to be charged $2,766 for two tickets to the fight


419 scams

I want you to patiently read this offer.

I am Mrs.Hameeda Mustafa the wife to the deceased former Head of Delegation to the World Bank in West Africa. My husband was the linkman between the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries - OPEC and the petroleum sector in a West African country.
He also attend OPEC meetings constantly in Geneva before his death caused by cardiac arrest in our home town.

Through the sale of our allocated oil quota in OPEC, he was able to make S$8.million.(EIGHT MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS)I want you to assist me to claim this money as i cannot claim it directly because he made the deposit as a fund belonging to his business associate in order not to raise eyebrow since he was a civil servant during that time, and the code of conduct bureau forbids him or his wife to acquire such amount of money

It is on this basis that I am contacting you for assistance, if you will be interested, claim documents will been processed and sent to you. The documents with which the fund is deposited will be amended to reflect you as the beneficiary so that you will be eligible to collect the fund as his business associate.

You shall be entitled to 30% of the total funds while the rest will be given to me on arrival in your country for the up keeping of my only son and for further investment under your kind control there in your country as I can not be able to do any investment here in West Africa due to the origin of the said fund.

I will not fail to bring to your notice that this business is risk free and doesn't have any negative implication. You should not entertain any fear as all modalities for the smooth and easy transfer of this fund have been finalized. If you can conveniently assure me of your ability to keep this business very secret and confidential, you can write back to me for further details.

Expecting your urgent response.

Best regards,
Mrs.Hameeda Mustafa

Good Day,
Due to the unsuccessful search for the relatives of a client who died several years ago and left an unclaimed account in our bank, I realize that we can claim the funds if you apply legitimately to my bank with the documents at my disposal, hence I am seeking your cooperation to help claim the sum of US$15.2M left by the deceased client for our mutual benefits.
This transaction will be well supported by legal documentations so you have nothing to worry about, because the funds will be remitted to your account in accordance with the foreign remittance procedures of my bank without any breach of the laws. Our advantage in this transaction is that nobody has ever contacted my bank for the funds release since the demise of the client, and also with detailed documentations available to me, my bank will not hesitate to release the funds to you.
If you are interested in my proposal, kindly indicate your willingness and I will provide you with every detail for a successful completion of this transaction without hitches. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.
Mr. Roland Tadebe.

Dear Esteemed Customer,

We just received a notice from the international moneytary funds (IMF) that your entitlement should be released to you.

We wish to know if you are prepared to claim your funds because presently we received a confirmation of your money thats been packaged for delivery to you.
Attached in this mail is a photo of our vault during packaging because we got a notice that the money should either be delivered to your destination or you will have to book an appointment with us for our diplomat to attend to your case.

To translate,Go to:

Waiting for your reply.

Maria De Rossi
For: Sig. Luca Perruzini
Clearance Officer
Tel: 00 39 329 714 9674

Friday, October 28, 2011


419 scams

Hello Friend,
I am Steven Walker, a personal attorney/sole executor base here in the United Kingdom UK, I have a business of (£6.8million) for you.
Contact me with ( ) for more  details.
Steven Walker

Dear Friend,

I am Mr Hicei John, Manager, Auditing and Accountancy Department, Bank of Africa in (Burkina Faso). I got your email account while searching for a business oriented personality and you happen to be the one.

I bring forth a business proposal in the tune of $12.5 million U.S. dollars to be transferred to an offshore account with your assistance acting as beneficiary and next-of-kin to the funds, meanwhile, you can reach me through my private email address

If you know you are capable of involving and partaking in this transaction, please send down the following personal details to me for briefing and more clarification:
(1)Full names:........................ .....
(2)Occupation:................ ..............
(3)Age and Sex:..........................
(4)Marital Status:................
(5)Private phone number:..................
(6)Current residential address:.................

Noted ; that every discussion is in the detail.

Mr Hicei John

Compliments of the day to you my name is Mr Erick Nikema Auditing and Accounting section manager African Development Bank in Ouagadougou Burkina faso.I seek your partnership to relocate this sum of( US($39.5M ) to your account for the benefit of our both families. and i am open for negotiation terms of percentages so far you put in your utmost attention and sincerity due to the nature of this transaction.This is a genuine business,only i can not operate it alone without using a Foreigner who will stand as a beneficiary to the money,that is why i decided to contact you to assist and also to share the benefit together with me.Please respond to me via email for more details on how the business will be executed.
Best Regards,
Mr Erick Nikema

Money laundering

Goede midag

Het personeel wordt gezocht voor een internationaal bedrijf.
Eisen voor de werknemer:
1. toegang tot internet
2. e-mail
3. het bijhouden van gegevens
4. de plicht en verantwoordelijkheid van de werknemer

Algemene voorwaarden van het werk:
1. flexibele werktijden
2. een goed salaris
3. mogelijkheden
4. 3 weken betaalde vakantiedagen
5. betalen belastingen en verzekeringskosten

Indien u interesse heeft, vul dan in de vorm, dat voorzien is in de brief
hieronder en stuur je cv naar dit e-mail adres:

Het adres:
Uw leeftijd:
telefoon nummer (mobiel / thuis) met unternationale code:
Uw e-mail adres:

Zodra we uw CV onvangen hebben onze medewerkers zullen met u onmiddellijk
contact opnemen.

Met vriendelijke groeten,
HR Management van CMServices

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Lotto scams

Your e-mail attached to CGPN # EU/UK/0010/011, Ticket number: 869-575/UK-231-72, Lucky numbers: 8101-23-7231-(51) emerged winner of £ 500,000 UK Pounds. Contact Paul Burton for info: p.burton001@googlemail .com

419 scams

Good days to you

Please kindly accept my apology for sending you this email without your consent. i am Mr.Mitichan Khan, The director in charge of auditing and accounting section of Bank Of Africa Ouagadougou Burkina-faso in West Africa .I am writing to request your assistance to transfer the sum of $12.5M ( Twelve million Five Hundred hundred Thousand United State Dollars ) into your norminated bank account.The above sum belongs to our deceased customer who died along with his entire family in a plane crash, for more information about the Air Crash you can visit the CNN web news
and since then the fund has been dormant here in my bank, more details with the official bank application form will be forwarded to you immediately you show your willingness and capability of handling this transaction, feel free to contact me for more clarifications if you are really interested in my proposal, Have a nice day.

Mr.Mitichan Khan

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


419 scams


 Our ref: ATM/13470/IDR
 Your ref:...Date: 21/10/2011


 I am The Rt Hon David Cameron MP,Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and
Minister for the Civil Service British Government. This letter is to officially
inform you that (Visa/ATM Master Card Number 7302 7168 0041 0640) has been
accredited with your favor. Your Personal Identification Number is 1090.The ATM
Master card Value is £2,000,000.00(Two Million, Great British Pounds Sterling).

 This office will send to you a Visa/ATM Master card that you will use to
withdraw your funds in any ATM MACHINE CENTER or Visa card outlet in the world
with a maximum of £5000 GBP daily.Further more,You will be required to
re-confirm the following information to enable;The Rt Hon William Hague MP First
Secretary of State for British Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. begin in
processing of your VISA/ATM Master CARD.

 (1)Full names:
 (5)Phone #:
 (8) Post Codes

 Rt Hon William Hague MP.
 First Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
 Tel: +447024074634

 TAKE NOTICE: That you are warned to stop further communications with any other
person(s) or office(s) different from the staff of the State for Foreign and
Commonwealth Affairs to avoid hitches in receiving your payment.

 The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
 Prime Minister

Lottery scam

This message is from United Nations Financial Grants Lottery Your Email Address Have Won(Ј500,00:00 Pounds)REF NO:UK/9420X2/68 you have to contact our Payment Officer Mr.Davis Clarke,
(1)YOUR FULL NAME : ......
(5)Sex:......Date of Birth: ................
Country or Territory : ..........
Tel Number +447570370134.
Thanks for your co-operation

Money laundering

This is to let the public know we are now hiring mystery shoppers in the
United States.
We are registered with the MSPA and we would like to know if you are
No charge or experience is needed.
You will have access to training materials via e-mail, fax or postal mail. You
are to shop secretly and invest nothing. Your assignment will take you to
several locations where you will make observations as regards to their goods
and services. Information you provide us will be your service to this company.
To sign up for FREE, kindly provide the below information for assessment and
registration into the company.
Full Name:
Mailing address:
Zip Code:
Contact numbers:
Age & Occupation.
We guarantee you will enjoy your job while earning good amounts of money
weekly as your services will only be required for 2-3 hours twice a week.

Your response would be highly appreciated.

Samuelson Stone
Human Resources Manager
Research Process Inc.

Monday, October 24, 2011


419 scams

My Dear

How are you today? I know this mail will come to you as a surprise, because you don’t know me and I don’t know you well. Let me first of all introduce myself to you, My name is Miss Larissa Ijere Paul, 21 years old girl from Guinea Bissau. I am tall and fair in complexion, I am loving and caring. After finish my prayer, I got your email from yahoo trust search when I was searching for a foreign partner who will help me for business transaction.

Please reply me if only you are interested and ready to help me and provide an account that will be use in receiving the fund into your bank account. Please I need your help so that we can proceed.

Honestly Speaking I have a special something I want to discuses with you about my life and this transaction, I know age will not be a beerier to our relationship. What I need is just your love and caring.

I will give you my best; I really want to have a good relationship with you. I will send my pictures to you and also tell you more about my self, Have a wonderful day with love and trust, bye for now; I am waiting to hear from you soon, Thanks.

Larissa Paul

This message might meet you in utmost surprise; however, it's just my urgent need for foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction. I am The Director in charge of File Department section in the Bank here in Burkina Faso; I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of ($7.2 MILLION Dollars immediately into your account.
I will send you full details on how the business will be executed and also note that you will receive 40% of the above mentioned amount if you agree to help me execute this business reply me back for more clarification.
Best Regard
Mr. Adam Kabore

Lotto scams

Ref Number: UK/9420X2/68
Attention: Email Owner,

We are pleased to notify you again that your email address won the National Online Sweepstake held for the month of October 2011. You are therefore been approved to claim the sum of £ 950,000.00 GBP. We are yet to receive your file for Claims. For due remittance of funds, contact claims agent for your claims with Ticket no: 56475600545 188.
Claims Agent Name: Mcmanus Hurdle
Claims Agent Email:
Claims Requirements:

1. Full Name:
2. Residential Address:
3. Age:
4. Sex:
5. Mobile Tel:
6. Occupation:
7. Country Of Residence:
8. Nationality:
9. Amount Won:
10. Alternative Email :

Note: This is an automated message, do not click on your reply button. Send all required details to the only.

Congratulations on behalf of British Government Financial Department.

Regards / Eva Palacios

Gmail user,
Your e-mail attached to CGPN # EU/UK/0010/011, Ticket number: 869-575/UK-231-72, Lucky numbers: 8101-23-7231-(51) emerged winner of £ 500,000 UK Pounds. Contact Paul Burton for info:
Susan G. Richard
Promo Announcer 

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Lotto scams 

Microsoft Promotion Award Team
Dr.Roseline Gibson
Stamford New Road,
Altrincham Cheshire
WA14 1EP
United Kingdom.


It is obvious that this notification will come to you as a surprise but please find time to read it carefully as we congratulate you over your success in the following official publication of results of the E-mail electronic online Sweepstakes organized by Microsoft, in conjunction with the foundation for the promotion of software products, (F.P.S.) held this month ofSEPTEMBER, 2011, inLondon United Kingdom. Where your email address emerged as one of the online Winning emails in the 2nd category and therefore attracted a cash award of 850,000.00 {Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling's}.

The selection process was carried out through random selection in our Computerized Email Selection System (C.E.S.S.) from a database of over a million email addresses from each continent of the world wide web drawn from all the continents of the world.

They are arranged in this format below:

1st. (2) pounds each
2nd. (6) 850,000.00 pounds each
3rd. (13) 750,000.00 pounds each
4th. (27) 550,000.00 pounds each

We write to officially notify you of this award and to advise you to contact the processing office immediately upon receipt of this message for more information concerning the verification, processing and eventual payment of the above prize to you. It is important to note that your award information was released with the following particulars attached to it.

(1) Award numbers: MLAT#2011
(2) Email ticket numbers: 1587-5896-4598-87,
(3) Batch numbers: 950THL#2011
(4) The file reference numbers: MLY-Y/250-450890
(5) Serial Numbers: McST/776/ML10101

For verification purpose be sure to include:


1. Full Names:

2. Sex:

3. Age:

4. Marital Status:

5. Nationality:

6. Residential Address:

7. Occupation/Position Held:

8. Telephone Number:

9. Fax Number:

10. Have you ever won an Online Lottery ?

Mode of Prize Remittance.
*Courier Delivery Of your Certified Winning Cheque Name and other Winning Documents safely to you.

To file for your claim, Please contact your Validating Officer for VALIDATION of your winning within Twenty-nine working days of this winning notification. Winnings that are not validated within Twenty-nine working days of winning notification are termed void and invalid. You are required to mention the above particulars of your award in every correspondence to enable the Agent validate your winning.



The Microsoft Internet E-mail lottery Awards is sponsored by our CEO/Chairman, Bill Gates and a consortium of software promotion companies. The Intel Group, Toshiba, Dell Computers and other International Companies. The Microsoft internet E-mail draw is held periodically and is organized to encourage the use of the Internet and promote computer literacy worldwide. The Microsoft Window lottery has discovered a huge number of double claims due to winners informing close friends relatives and third parties about their winning and also sharing their pin numbers.

As a result of this, these friends try to claim the lottery on behalf of the real winners. The Microsoft lottery has reached a decision from headquarters that any double claim discovered by the Lottery Board will result to the Canceling of that particular winning, making a loss for both the double claimer and the real winner, as it is taken that the real winner was the informer to the double claimer about the lottery. So you are hereby strongly advised once more to keep your winnings strictly confidential until you claim your prize.

Once again on behalf of all our staff,




419 scams

Dear Beloved,

As you read this, I don't want you to feel sorry for me, because, I
believe everyone will die someday. My name is AHMED HASSAN a merchant
in Dubai, in the U.A.E. I have been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer .

It has defiled all forms of medical treatment, and right now I have
only about a few months to live, according to medical experts. I
have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really cared
for anyone(not even myself) but my business.Though I am very rich.
I was never generous, I was always hostile to people and only focused
on my business as that was the only thing I cared for.But now I regret
all this as I now know that there is more to life than just wanting to
have or make all the money in the world.I believe when God gives me a
second chance to come into this world I would live my life a different
way from how I have lived it. Now that God has called me.

I have willed and given most of my property and assets to my immediate
and extended family members as well as a few close friends.
I want God to be merciful to me and accept my soul, so i have decided
to give alms to charity organizations, as I want this to be one of the
last good deeds I have done on earth. So far, I have distributed money
to some charity organizations in the U.A.E, Algeria and Malaysia.

Now that my health has deteriorated so badly, I cannot do this myself
anymore.I once asked members of my family to close one of my accounts
and distribute the money which, I have there to charity organization in
Bulgaria and Pakistan,they refused and kept the money to themselves.
Hence, I do not trust them anymore, as they seem not to be contended
with what I have left for them. The last of my money which no one knows
of is the huge cash deposit of Twenty One million dollars
$21,000,000,00 that I have with a finance Company abroad.I will want
you to help me collect this deposit and dispatched it to charity
organizations. I have set aside 25% for you and for your time.


Mr. Ahmed Hassan

Saturday, October 22, 2011


419 scams



Dear Sir,

RE: TRANSFER OF ($9,500.000.00 USD NINE

We want to transfer to overseas the sum of ($9,500.000.00USD) Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) from a Prime Bank in Africa.

I would like to ask you to quietly look for a reliable and honest person who will be capable and fit to provide either an existing bank account or to set up a new Bank a/c immediately to receive this money, even an empty a/c can serve as far as it can receive money.

I am MR DAMANI MARU an accountant and personal confidant to Dr. Ravindra F. Shah who died together with his wife Dr.Mrs. Manjula Parikh-Shah in a plane crash on the 1st Oct. 2003 on their way to attend wedding in Boston.

Dr. Ravindra F. Shah, is an American, a physician and industrialist, he died without having any beneficiary to his assets including his account here in Burkina Faso which he opened in the year 2000 as his personal savings for the purpose of expansion and developement of his company before his untimely death in 2003.

The amount involved is (USD 9,500,000.00) Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand USD, no other person knows about this account.

I am only contacting you as a foreigner because this money can not be approved to alocal person here, without valid international foreign passport, but can only be approved to any foreigner with valid international passport or drivers license and foreign a/c because the money is in US Dollars and the former owner of the a/c Mr.Ravindra F. Shah is a foreigner too, and as such the money can only be approved into a foreign a/c.

I need your full co-operation to make this work fine because the management is ready to approve this payment to any foreigner who has correct information of this account, which I will give to you, upon your positive response and once I am convinced that you are capable and will meet up with the inheritance procedures.

At the conclusion of this business, you will be given 35% of the total amount,60% will be for me, while 5% will be for expenses both parties might have incurred during the process of transferring.

You should observe utmost CONFIDENTIALITY AND SECRECY in this transaction, and rest assured that this transaction would be most profitable for both of us because I will require your assistance to invest my share in your country.

I look forward to your prompt response.please REPLY TO:


My name is Lt.S.kilkoyne US ARMY.I would like to share classified information about my personal experience and role which I played in the pursuit of my career in lraq.I will hold back certain information for security reasons. until you have visited the website below to enable you have an insight into what i intend sharing with you for our both benefit.
Confirm if you have visit the site.
Lt.S kilkoyne.
Email back to:

Friday, October 21, 2011


419 scams

Dear Friend,

My name is Dr. Malik Ali, A banker by Profession and Currently A Director of
Finance Auditing and Accounting Unit in my Bank, Which the name will giving to
you as soon as you respond for security reason.

I get your profile in my search for a reputable and reliable person to help me
claim the sum of USD$15.6 MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS, Deposited in our bank
by one of our customer Eng. Mueller who die with his wife and two children on
the 21Th day of April 2001 in car clash along Aflao express road.

Since his death no one has come up as his next of kin and all our efforts to
locate any member of his family immediate family has prove Abortive that was why
I decided to see if I can get anybody who has the same surname or last name with
him via Internet preferably some one of the same nationality with him which I
believe you have all the qualities we need.

Why i am contacting you is to present you to our bank as the next of Kin to the
deceased customer. He was Drilling contractor with some Oil Companies here in
west Africa,also because you have the same surname/last name with him. So it
will be more acceptable and wiser to present you through paper work to the Bank
for claim of the total fund.

I will give you all the necessary requirements that the bank may request from
you and follow up the transfer of the fund into your account as an Insider. It
will interest you to know that I and my partners has been keeping the account
dormant to enable our plans for the funds to come through and this is the time
and we are happy to locate you for the perfection of the transfer of the Fund
into your nominated Bank Account to be given.

As soon as I get your positive response I will update you about the mode of
disbursement and we will also need to know about investing in your Country as a
way of helping your people who suppose are the original owners of this Fund, I
suggest you get back to me as soon as possible through my direct confidential
email ( stating your wish in this deal.

Looking forward to your urgent response by updating me with direct telephone
number for easy communication.

Yours Specially,
Dr. Malik Ali.

Loan scams

Do you have a low credit score and you are finding it hard to obtain capital
loan from local banks / other financial institution ?, We offer loan for any
reason at low interest rate of 3% and with no credit check.

* you can borrow money ranging from $250,000 to $100,000,000.00 EUR. Our loan
repayment duration is between 1-20 years
You are to contact this office immediately if interested to enable this
office send you the loan applicant form.

If you are interested please email us via.E-mail:

Best Regards,
Mr Richard Miller.
Tel: +447024067603
Loan2day Limited

(C G P N):7-22-71-00-66-12, Ticket #: 00869575733664,  Lucky#:
12-12-23-35-40-41(12). Contact Mr. B e r n a r d  G r a h a m for more details:
Ms. Anna James

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Gold scam

Dear Friend,

Am contacting you on behalf of my Community which comprises of mainly local Gold miners to represent and as well look for a prospective buyer for the bulk of Gold mined locally in our Community.
My Community in conjunction with the Village heads have in their possession this article (Gold Dust and Bar)
The Community as well with the Village heads have given me right to go into any contract of extraction or mining with any interested person or company depending on the discussion reached between both parties concerned.
If you are interested I would be glad to see you in Bamako Mali to sign an agreement before you can carry the Gold dust back to your country
with me. I remain to hear from you soonest.
1. 300 kg avalible
2. 22 carat plus / purity 96.6%
3. 27,000 UsD Per Kilo
4. Rue 541 porte 752 Hamdalleye Bamako Mali.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Lotto scams

Your E-mail has Been Selected by the internet powered satellite of The
Nokia Mobile Award promotion 2011 ballot .Your Reference No.
NOKIA:2241430601/22,you have just won $500,000.00USD & mobile phone'


Forward the following details for Immediate payment and delivery of your

1. Full Names:
2. Address:
3. Age:
4. Sex:
5. Occupation:
6. Phone numbers:
7. Fax number:
8. Country:
9. Won Before:
10.Annual I

Your email has won you 2,000,000.00GBP (Great British Pounds) To claim your prize, please contact Barr. Roger Dave Esq Tell +44-701-003-4484 with your Ticket 7PWYZ2010 and Batch Number 12/25/0340 with the information below.

1.Name.2.Address.3.Nationality.4.Age.5.Occupation.6.Phone Number.

via Email; Note: All replies and queries or questions concerning your claims should be sent to Barr. Roger Dave Esq.Kencygajjddf

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


419 scams

Compliments of the day to you! By this e-mail, I do sincerely Apologize for my intrusion of your privacy. However, I have a serious concern with which I believe you might be of help and for this reason, I can not but reach out to someone - a fellow beloved. I am Mrs.Lillian Germain, the mother to Gerard St. Germaine and Yvette St. Germaine who both died untimely in an Egypt Air crash of 1999. You can view this web site for your perusal and find the names of my Children who also perished in that ill fated air disaster.,,196602,00.htm

I am married to Barry Germain a wealth Man. I lost my husband for almost 3 years now and I have been living with this pain till date. We are hospitable people and decided to serve mankind to the best of our ability. Since the death of my children (Gerard St. Germaine and Yvette St. Germaine),I have lived with the memories,fighting effortlessly to lead a normal life but all to no avail. I suffered mentally and psychologically and shortly was diagnosed of Cancer. I lived with the scourge praying earnestly for divine intervention. Just a month ago, the doctor informed me that I have just about a month more to live. I was shocked. I accepted the news in good fate.

Beloved, it is in this regard that I write to you, having sourced your address from a database in my late children's internet dozier after fervent prayers. Before their death, my family had a joint deposited sum of Million (Five Million Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) with a Finance company. I have wholeheartedly decided to donate the entirety of this fund to any devoted believer or organization and to achieve this, I need a devoted Christian individual that will utilize this fund adherently for these purposes:


These are the wishes of a dying woman. They are the desires of my heart, hence my decision as I do not have a child to take over my inheritance. All I need from you is Truthfulness, Honesty and Sincerity assuring me that you can in all
honesty and obedience utilize the funds for the purpose with which it is meant.

In any a case, a quick response from you will be highly appreciated as I am already on a count-down and may not have ample time to finalize the procedures. Any delay in response may compel me to source for other measures or perhaps choose the alternative which I will not be happy to. Please, do not see this as a strange possibility or an unbelievable opportunity to make wealth, rather see this as a rare chance to assist the less privileged in truth and in spirit with a substance.


Mrs.Lillian Germain

Dear Respectful One,

It's my pleasure to inform you for a business venture which I intend to establish in your country. Though we have not met before but I strongly believe that one has to risk confiding in someone to succeed sometimes in life.

I am Princess Faith Norman the only daughter of late Chief & Mrs Nelson Norman. My mother was a very wealthy Cocoa and Timber merchant in Abidjan , the economic capital of Ivory Coast , my mother was shot by the rebels in the recent political crises in Abidjan . My father died when I was a baby and since then my mother took me so special. Before the death of my mother recently in a private hospital here in Abidjan she secretly called me on her bed side and told me that, there is this amount of Two Million Three Hundred Thousand, U.S dollars ($2,300,000.00) which she arranged in a trunk box deposited in a security company in Burkina Faso before she was shot by some unknown hoodlums (Rebels).

She also explained to me that it was because of this wealth that she was shot. That I should seek for a foreign partner in a country of my choice where i will transfer this money and use it for investment purpose such as: Real estate management, Hotel management or Petroleum company. This deposit was coded under a secret arrangement as a family treasure. This means that the security company does not know the content of this trunk box. My main purpose of sending you this mail is because of the way I found you and perhaps trustworthy to give you this priority of shipping the box of money to any address that you think is very secure and save in your country with your percentage of which we shall chat on soon.

In fact, since the death of my mother, her brothers & sisters has been seriously chasing me around with constant treats, trying to suppress me so that they might have the documents of her landed properties and confiscate them. They have successfully collected all her properties, yet they never stopped there, they told me to surrender all bank account of my late mother, which I did, but I never disclose to them this deposit with the security company in Burkina Faso , because this is where my future and destiny lies upon. The family of my late mother never aware of the secret existence of this deposit which my late mother made with the security company and they can never be aware of it.

Out of fear of my late mother's family, and when the situation becomes uncontrollable because of pressure on me from the family, I decide to look for a trustworthy person who could assist me retrieve this box of money from the security company for onward lodgement into his account for the purpose of future investment. Consider my situation as an orphan and come to my rescue. There is need for urgent action because I'm paying $50 dollars per day as a demurrage to the security company for safe keeping this consignment. I give thanks immensely for your co-operation as I look forward to hear from you soon. All the best,

Princess Faith Norman.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Mystery Shop scam

We have a mystery shopping assignment in your area and your wages is 200$per assignment,The job Entails Evaluation process,visiting Walmart,e.t.c Send below information to get started Full Name ,Address (no PO box) City,State, Zip code ,Phone number home and mobile,occupation age
Best Regards,
Kheler David.
Secret Shopper®

Lotto scams

Lotto Arena International
Adrres:Schijnpoortweg 119 Antwerp Belgium

Confirmation Winning Reference NO:LAI-11532264832140
Reply EMAIL:

Following official publication result of email sweepstakes program released on the 8th of OCT,2011. Organised by the LOTTO ARENA INTERNATIONAL EMAIL SWEEPSTATKES. your electronic email address attached to a Ticket Number (19-21-26-30-42-25) has won the prize Sum of €1,000,000.00 Euro (ONE MILLION EURO ONLY).For further enquires and claims of your winning CONTACT:

CITY/ COUNTRY: Antwerp Belgium.
TEL:             0032-488-391-844       FAX: 0032-704-152-31
Reply to EMAIL:

It is important to note you that your award information was released today with the following particulars attached to it.

E-mail Ticket NO:19-21-26-30-42-25
Reference NO:LAI-11532264832140
Serial NO: LAI33572021
Batch NO: MSPS853644121
DRAW LUCKY No:2-17-20-26-48-12

No ticket was purchase by any of the participants of the program to enter this year LOTTO ARENA INTERNATIONAL lottery program, admission was through random selection of both personal and business email addresses from the list submitted by the various Web administrators and Web Host Company.

Your email address was subsequently selected from the list through the computer ballot system (CBS) drawn from over 25,000,000 company and 40,000,000 individual email addresses, and your email address attached to a single ticket further emerged as one of the email addresses that won the first category. Owning to this development, you are Deemed eligible to receive a prize of € 1,000.000.00 (One Million Euro Only)

To enable us process your application for the above mentioned lottery entitlement, you are advised to contact MR.AVERY VAN with the following information: 

                   CLAIM PROCESSING FORM

Full Name of Beneficiary: ___________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

City / State: ____________________ Country: ____________________________________ 

Nationality: _____________________ Sex: _____________________________________ 

Winning Email Address: ____________________________________________________

Tel: ______________________________ Fax: ___________________________________

Next of Kin: ______________________ Age: ____________________________________

Occupation: _____________________marital Status: ____________________________

                                 AMOUNT WON

In Figures: ________________________________________________________________

In Words: _________________________________________________________________

Lottery Ref No: ____________________Batch No: _______________________________

Lucky No: ________________________ Ticket No: _______________________________

Serial No: _______________________ Lottery Date: _____________________________

                                 OFFICIAL USE ONLY  

Verified by: _______________________ Confirmed by: __________________________ 

AGENTS SIGNATURE: ___________________________________________________

Note Upon receipt of the above information,we shall officially apply for The claim of your prize, and upon verification by the Lottery coordinator; a "Release Order" would be available to us, You will thereby be confirm formally as the bona-fide winner. You are to let us know before the former endorsement of the release order document how you wish or prefer your payment to be made.

Be aware that YOU WILL BE INVITED TO SIGN THE RELEASE DOCUMENT and also to receive an award certificate that would be presented to you by the lottery management.


Please note,do not send email to the alert email you are to contact
Mr. Avery Van, via Reply to Email:

Best Regards,
Mrs.Eve Wagner
(ONLINE Co-ordinator)

Your Winning details are as follows: (CGPN):7-22-71-00-66-12, Ticket
number:00869575733664, Serial numbers:/BTD/8070447706/06, Lucky
numbers:12-12-23-35-40-41(12).Contact Mr. Bernard Graham.Email:



419 scams

Dear Friend,

How are you today? Hope all is well with you and your family? I hope This mail meets you in a perfect condition.

I am using this opportunity to thank you for your great effort to our unfinished transfer of fund into your account due to one reason or the other best known to you.

But I want to inform you that I have successfully transferred the Cheque out of the company to someone else who was capable of assisting me in this great venture.

Due to your effort, sincerity, courage and trust worthiness you showed at the course of the transaction I want to compensate you and show my gratitude to you with the sum of $1,000.000.00(One Million United States Of American Dollars) in respect to your lottery winnings Compensation.

I have authorized the finance house in the UK where I deposited my money to issue you international certified bank draft cashable at your bank.

My dear friend I will like you to contact the finance house for the collection of this international certified bank draft. The name and contact address of the Person with your Cheque is as follows.


Contact him with the following information’s
1. Full Name:
2. Residential Address:
3. Phone Number:
4. Fax Number:
5. Occupation:
6. Sex:
7. Age:
8. Nationality:
9. Country:

At the moment, I am very busy here because of the investment projects which I and my new partner are having at hand
 Finally, remember that I have forwarded instruction to the finance house on your behalf to send the bank draft to you as soon as you contact them without delay. Please I will like you to accept this token with good faith as this is from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks and God bless you and your family. Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,
Mr Percy Jones.
Controller General

Saturday, October 15, 2011

419 Conference Scam

We received another kind of 419 type scam e-mails. Most of them read: Congratulations you have won US$ 500 000 000 in some mysterious sweepstakes that you did not enter. Although more informed about this kind of online con game, many of us still fall prey to the lure of easy money, and more often than not you will find that people that should know better, often do not. A lot of information and publicity has been done around these 419 scams, and is seems that more people are now aware of them and take such communication with a pinch of salt.


Loan scams

LOANWe Offer Private, Commercial and Personal Loans with Minimal annual Interest Rates of 3% within a 1year to 50years to any part of the world. Contact us via email at

419 scams


Dear Friend,


I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise as we never met before. I am the Director in charge of Auditing section of Bank of African (B.O.A), I Hoped that you will not expose or betray this trust and confident that I am about to repose on you for the mutual benefit of our both families. I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of Ten million united state dollars ($10.000.000m USD) immediately to your account.

The fund has been dormant (in-active) for 5 years in our Bank here without any body coming for it. I want to apply for release of the fund to you as the nearest person to our deceased customer Dr. George Brumley Jr from Atlanta America (the owner of the account) who died a long with his supposed next of kin in air crash since on July 21 2003. I don't want the fund to go into our Bank treasury as an abandoned fund, so this is the reason why I contacted you, so that my Bank will release the fund to you as the nearest person to the deceased customer. view the website for more information about the deceased.(

Please I would like you to keep this proposal as a top secret and delete it if you are not interested. Upon receipt of your reply, I will send you the application form you will fill and send to the bank for transfer of the fund into your bank account and also note that you will have 40% of the above mentioned amount if you agree to help me execute this business. And also 10% had been mapped out for you for the expense you will make in this transaction and 50% is for me. I need your information so that I will send you the application form.


Your Name.
Your Home Addresses.
Home Telephone.
Private Telephone.
Fax No.
Marital Status.
Your picture.

Waiting for your urgent reply so that we will starts immediately,

Best Regards,

Dear Beloved Christian,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!! I am Mrs.Kumar Johnson, a widow of 57years old suffering from cancer of the breast, My husband and my only son were killed last time during the UK terrorist Attack when we visited London for holidays.

My late husband was very wealthy and after his death, I inherited all his businesses and wealth, and when I noticed that my condition is not improving rather it gets worsen by the day I decided to divide part of this wealth, to contribute to Charity and the development of the churches in Africa, America , Asia and Europe .

I selected you after visiting the internet and I prayed over it. I am willing to donate the fund to you for charity, the less privileged, churches, orphanages and widows, Propagating the word of God and to ensure that the house of God is maintained.

I took this decision upon myself because I don't have any child that will inherit this money and my husband relatives are not Christians and I don't want my husband's hard earned money to be misused by unbelievers. Because I have come to find out that wealth acquisition without Christ is vanity upon vanity.

My condition is serious and according to my doctor, he said it is obvious that I may not survive. I have some funds that my late husband WILLED to me in cash; the sum of US$18.5 million Dollars. I packaged it in consignments and deposited it with a finance house. Therefore,you are advised to contact my Lawyer on his information given below: Please make sure you contact himfirst on his email address.


Your swift response will help this office a lot in this matter and as you are responding to him, you are please advised to email to him immediately with your current information as stated below:

(1)*Your Full Name & Address..............................................
(2)*Your Date Of Birth........................................................
(3)*Phone and mobile numbers for easy communication with you..........................................
(5)*Business/ Company Name............................................
(6)*A copy of your identity................................................
(7)*You conutry name......................................................

After my prayers, I searched a Christian site in the internet, I found your email address and I decided to contact you for the usage of the funds in your Ministry. Therefore, child of God, if you are honest and faithful enough to use this funds strictly for the work of God, your response will be highly appreciated.

Yours in His Vineyard,

Mrs. Kumar Johnson.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Mystery Shop scams

Prospective Applicant,

One of America's largest, discount department outlet is re-branding.The retail
industry is a competitive world, with each retailer vying for the attention of
consumers in an increasingly cluttered market. We do not want to rely on
proprietary data collection processes and technology alone, we need appraisers
to collect specific data about their experience and opinion when they visit this
retail outlet, in a time efficient and cost effective manner.

Closed book consumer is a tool used by market research companies to measure
quality of retail service or gather specific information about products and
services. Your ability to pose as normal customers perform specific tasks such
as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in
a certain way and then providing precise feedback about your exploit .

The purpose of Mystery Shoppers is to help businesses increase sales and improve
employee customer service awareness. We provide businesses with more information
than other mystery shopping companies through the use of questionnaires and
detailed narratives. Once we have a contract to do so, you will be directed to
the company or outlet and you will be given funds to either purchase things or
require services, after which you would write a comment on the staffs activities
and give a detailed report of your experience.Some of the common details and
information points shoppers:

The name of the store.
The date and time of the visit.
The names of the employee that attended to you.
Were you greeted friendly.
The questions asked by the employee(s)
Were you told to drop by again.
Cleanliness of store and store employees
Speed of service.

We need compliance with company standards relating to services rendered and
store appearanceby employees to be up to standard. We turn the information over
to the company executives so they will carry out their own duties in improving
there services.

When we need someone in your area for the assignment, we'll give you a
call/email and describe the project to see if you are interested.Sometimes we
will arrange for a mini-interview on phone.

Fill out the resume below. On appointment for an assignment, payment will be
sent to you at the address you provide us with.

First Name:

Last Name:

Street Address(No Po Box Accpeptable) :

City :

State :

Zip Code :

Cell Phone Number/Home Phone Number :


Current Occupation:

Alternate Email Address :


Days/Hours Available :








Hours Available: from _______ to ______

Through extensive background check, your information will be reviewed and
processed. Immediately this is done we will give a phone call/email will be sent
to let you know your placement with our company.

Task Co-ordinator
Wal- Mart Rebranding
Wal-Mart In

Thursday, October 13, 2011


419 scams

Dear Friend,

I have to thank God this moment for his direction as regards this mission. God want me to complete this mission hence, I got your contact.I know you maybe wondering how I got your contact email.

Actually when I heard from the doctor that my condition has become so critical, I had to reach out to a Christian sister, who assisted me in searching for your contact in order to help me utilize this wealth the way I am going to instruct herein, and even the sister that helped me in this regard doesn't know the purpose for which I intend to contact you. I have prayed about it and it has been revealed to me that you can make judicious use of the resources for its intended purpose.

I am currently sending you this mail from my sick bed in the hospital.My husband earned these funds (10,800,000.00 USD) but he died in a plane crash and left everything behind for me and I will join him soon due to my ill health. Due to my infertility resulting from medical problems I became barren. God has a reason for everything. I would want you to contact my lawyer; he will inform you on what to do.Contact him with the below details:

Barrister Morgan Owen

Ensure to use a greater portion of the funds for its purpose in fulfillment of my last wish.

You are Blessed.

Mrs. Helen Cole 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


419 scams


Our ref: ATM/13470/IDR
Your ref:...Date: 08/10/2011


I am The Rt Hon David Cameron MP,Prime Minister, First Lord of the

Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service British Government. This

letter is to officially inform you that (Visa/ATM Master Card Number

7302 7168 0041 0640) has been accredited with your favor. Your Personal

Identification Number is 1090.The ATM Master card Value is

£2,000,000.00(Two Million, Great British Pounds Sterling).

This office will send to you a Visa/ATM Master card that you will use

to withdraw your funds in any ATM MACHINE CENTER or Visa card outlet in

the world with a maximum of £5000 GBP daily.Further more,You will be

required to re-confirm the following information to enable;The Rt Hon

William Hague MP First Secretary of State for British Foreign and

Commonwealth Affairs. begin in processing of your VISA/ATM Master CARD.

(1)Full names:
(5)Phone #:
(8) Post Codes

Rt Hon William Hague MP.
First Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Tel: +447024045101

TAKE NOTICE: That you are warned to stop further communications with

any other person(s) or office(s) different from the staff of the State

for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs to avoid hitches in receiving your


The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
Prime Minister

Lotto scams

Your E-m a i l emerged a w i n n e r of £ 500,000.00GBP. (C G P
N):7-22-71-00-66-12, T i c k e t #: 00869575733664, L u c k y #:
12-12-23-35-40-41(12). Contact Mr. B e r n a r d G r a h a m for more
details: E-mail:

Promo announcer:
Mr. Danirod

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


419 scams

Good Day,

Compliments of the day to you. By way of introduction, I am Ismail Ibrahim Faraj, Head, Operations at National Commercial Bank Libyan .I would respectfully request that you keep the contents of this mail confidential and respect the integrity of the information you come by as a result of this mail. I have a business proposal which I believe would be of interest to you. It concerns a deceased client SAIF AL-ARAB GADDAFI, See more here:   

There is the sum of money he left behind in our Bank: US$ 9,370,000.00 deposited , I alone have the deposit details and they will release the deposit to no one unless I instruct them to do so. I alone know of the existence of this deposit as far as NCB is concerned, the transaction with our deceased customer concluded when I sent the funds.

Since he is dead and i am the bank manager of this branch. The country is upside down. They are destroying many Branch War every were. I want you to work with me so that we will still this money.

Sorry for my bad English and this matter must be between me and you.

I wait your reply.

Ismail Ibrahim Faraj.

Love scams

Hi Dear !
How are you doing today i,hope every thing is fine,? if so thanks be to God almighty who made it so ,My name is FAVOUR and i am a girl. I saw your email address in a forwarded page so I decided to extend my greetings to you.

Right now I can’t really say what prompted my drive to write you, but I do have the mind that you could be a nice person.

I have an interest to meet people from out side my continent to be friends. It is my Believe that there are nice people out there who can appreciate the value of friendship.

Personal I might not be very beautiful physically like most ladies in your country, but I think I have a beautiful mind, and the beauty to hold my own. Which is more valuable to me, and to be your friend even more than that ,but as time goes on we will know better.

I will be very glad if you can contact me thorough my alternative email address, so that i can send you my pictures and tell you more about myself here is my adress(
Hoping to talk to you soon ,have a nice day and remain Blessed.

Monday, October 10, 2011


419 scams

The late Engr.Kruger Kroger made you a beneficiary in his will to you in the

Annual Income: $19,000USD and four (4%) percent of payments received from our
clients.Job : RECEIVING PAYMENTS AGENT who will Act as medium of reach
between our customers and us.reach us at( )

Gulliver Stuart

(Top Secret )

Good day my dear,

How are you doing together with your entire family, I hope all is well? I am contacting you for a confidential business proposal and please carefully read and understand my reason of contacting you through email.

I am Mr.Osain.Dantata. The chief Auditor international relation Foreign Remittance Unit Bank of Africa (B.O.A).An abandoned sum of ($18.2 Million) United State Dollars. was deposited by a late customer of this bank called Mr. Rafik Bahaa Edine Hariri from Lebanon .A very prominent man who was doing business transaction with our bank. He was a citizen of Lebanon . This man died through assassination on February 14, 2005 when explosives equivalent to around 300 kg of C4 were detonated as his motorcade drove past the Saint George Hotel in the Lebanese capital, Beirut

the bank has no knowledge about his death. Upon this discovery that i decided to make this business proposal to you since the banking laws and guidelines here stipulated that if such funds remain unclaimed here after five years, the money will be transferred into the Central Bank Treasury as unclaimed fund.My stand to contact you now is that, a foreigner has the legal right to put claim to such deposit followed by you proving before our bank. Therefore, I want you to apply as his business partner.

I desperately need your assistance to claim and receive this huge sum of money into your account. For the assistance in this transaction, you will be entitled to 40% of the total fund in respect of the provision of your bank account and the assistance you are to render on the process.55% would be for me as the originator and initiator of the transaction, and the rest 5% will be used to off-set any minor expenses which may arise during the process of transferring the fund into your account.I and my entire family will leave here immediately to your country when once the fund get transferred to your country.

Please Endeavour to keep this transaction very secret and highly confidential because i don’t want any staff of this bank to know that my hands are in this transaction and be rest-assured that this business is 100% risk-free, and all the information and data's you will need to make successful claim of this fund in the bank here are fully ready with me here.Please confirm your willingness and interest to assist me by producing and sending back to me the needed information below

1. Your full names:
2. Your Telephone and fax numbers:
3. Your Sex
4. Age and Occupation
5. Country

Thanks and best regards.
Mr.Osain.Dantata (ECONS).

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Email scammers tout assets of deposed Arab leaders

Scam emails supposedly from close aides or relatives of deposed Arab leaders are offering a huge chunk of their assets if recipients hand over their bank details or pay a fee up front. "The quantity of attacks of this sort that we detect is enormous," said Chester Wisniewski, a senior security adviser at Sophos, which uses sophisticated spam filters to identify scam emails. In one email, a scammer pretends to be the wife of deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. She says she has managed to escape to Tunisia and is desperately looking for a "reliable partner" to transfer $25 million of Gaddafi’s funds.


419 scams

Good day,

I am Mr. Vincent Cheng, GBS, JP Chairman of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited.
I have a business proposal of Twenty Two Million, Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars only for you to
transact with me from my bank to your country.Having gone through a methodical search, I decided to contact you hoping
that you will find this proposal interesting. Please on your confirmation of this message and indicating your interest

All confirmable documents to back up the claims will be made available to you prior to your acceptance
and as soon as I receive your return mail Via my email address: and I will let
you know what is required of you,your earliest response to this letter will be appreciated.

Endeavour to let me know your decision rather than keep me waiting.

Best Regards,
Mr.Vincent Cheng.

Lotto scams

Barclay's Bank PLC, UK
1 Churchill Place
London, E14 5HP, United Kingdom

Dear Esteemed Customer,

We at this bank wish to congratulate and inform you that after thorough review of your Inheritance/Contract funds transfer release documents in conjunction with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund assessment report, your payment file was forwarded to us for immediate transfer of a part-payment of US$5,800,000.00 to your designated bank account from their offshore account with us

The audit reports given to us, shows that you have been going through hard times by paying a lot of money to see to the release of your funds, which has been delayed by some dubious officials.

We therefore advice that you stop further communication with any correspondence outside this office since you do not have to pay any money or fee to receive your funds as you have met up with the whole funds transfer requirements.

The only thing required from you is to obtain the Non-Residential Clearance Form to enable us credit your account directly by telegraphic transfer or through any of our corresponding banks and send copies of the funds transfer release documents to you and your bankers for confirmation.

Should you follow our directives, your funds will be credited and reflect in your bank account within five (5) bank working days from the day you obtain this Non-Residential Clearance Form.

For further details and assistance on this Remittance Notification, kindly forward your
Directly to my private E-mail:,

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Lotto scams

Google Incorporation+.
Belgrave House,
76 Buckingham Palace Road,
London SW1W 9TQ,
United Kingdom

We wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being part of our lucky winners selected this year. This promotion was set-up to encourage the active use of the Google search engine and the Google ancillary services. Hence we do believe with your winning prize, you will continue to be active and patronage to this company. Google is now the world leading search engine worldwide, and in an effort to sure that it remains the most widely used search engine, an online e-mail balloting was carried out on the Last Day Of September 2011 without your knowledge, it was officially released Today Been Third  Day Of October 2011. We which to formally announced to you that your email address was attached to a lump sum o f Ј850,000GBP {Eight Hundred And Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds},

We also wish to inform you that you have successfully passed the requirements, statutory obligations, verifications and our satisfactory report test conducted for all our online winners.  A winning Cheque will be issued in your name by Google Promotion Award Team, and also a certificate of prize claims will be sent along side your winning Cheque.

These are your award details.
Security Code Number: GUK/4532345G.
Ticket No: GUK/699/33/2011
Winning Number: GUK/877/798/2011

Information's required from you are part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program. To claim your won prize, please contact our Foreign Transfer Manager Dr. Williams Gibson neatly filling the verification and fund release form below..

(1) Your contact address.
(2) Your Tel/Fax numbers.
(3) Your Nationality/Country.
(4) Your Full Name.
(5) Sex.
(6) Occupation
(7) Age.
(8) Ever won an online lottery?
Mode of Prize Remittance.

(1)Courier Delivery Of your Certified Winning Cheque Name and other Winning Documents safely to you.

You are advised to contact your Foreign Transfer Manager Dr. Williams Gibson with his private email details below to avoid unnecessary delay and complications:
Dr. Williams Gibson
Tel No: :+44 (70) 45727889

The Google Promotion Award Team has discovered a huge number of double claims due to winners informing close friends relatives and third parties about their winnings and also sharing their identification numbers. As a result of this, these friends try to claim the lottery on behalf of the real winners. The google promotion award committee has reached a decision from the headquarters at the United Kingdom that any double claim discovered by the Lottery Board will result to the disqualification of the winners lottery. So you are hereby strongly advised once more to keep your winnings strictly confidential until you claim your prize.

Congratulations from the Staffs & Members of the Google interactive Lottery Board Commission.

Yours Sincerely,

Friday, October 7, 2011


419 scams

Good day,

Pardon me for not having the pleasure of knowing your mindset before
making you this offer and it is utterly confidential and genuine by
virtueof its nature.

I cannot imagine the surprise this will bring to you, but please be rest
assured is with good faith and intentions from a friend indare need of
your assistance.

I am a staff of Private Banking Services at the Bank of China (BOC). I am
contacting you concerning our customer and, an investment placed under our
banks management 5 years ago.

I would respectfully request that you keep the contents of this mail
confidential and respect the integrity of the information you come by as a
result of this mail. I contacted you independently of our investigation and
no one is informed of this communication. I would like to intimate you with
certain facts that I believe would be of interest to you.

In 2005, the subject matter; ref: bb/boc/bank/0012 came to our bank to
engage in business discussions with our Private Banking Services Department.
He informed us that he had a financial portfolio of 8.370 million United
States Dollars, which he wished to have us turn over (invest) on his behalf.

I was the officer assigned to his case; I made numerous suggestions in line
with my duties as the de-facto chief operations officer of the Private
Banking Services Department, especially given the volume of funds he wished
to put into our bank. We met on numerous occasions prior to any investments
being placed. I encouraged him to consider various growth funds with prime
ratings. The favored route in my advice to customers is to start by
assessing data on 6000 traditional stocks and bond managers and 2000
managers of alternative investments. Based on my advice, we spun the money
around various opportunities and made attractive margins for our first
months of operation, the accrued profit and interest stood at this point at
over 10 million United States Dollars, this margin was not the full
potential of the fund but he desired low risk guaranteed returns on
investments. In mid 2006, he asked that the money be liquidated because he
needed to make an urgent investment requiring cash payments in Europe. He
directed that I liquidate the funds and had it deposited with a firm. I
informed him that the bank would have to make special arrangements to have
this done and in order not to circumvent due process, the bank would have to
make a 9.5 % deduction from the funds to cater for banking and statutory
charges. He complained about the charges but later came around when I
explained to him the complexities of the task he was asking of us. Cash
movement across borders has become especially strict since the incidents of
9/11. I contacted my affiliate in and had the funds available. I undertook
all the processes and made sure I followed his precise instructions to the
letter and had the funds deposited in a security consultancy firm, the firm
is a specialist private firm that accepts deposits from high net worth
individuals and blue chip corporations that handle valuable products or
undertake transactions that need immediate access to cash. This small and
highly private organization is familiar especially to the highly placed and
well-connected organizations. In line with instructions, the money was
deposited . He told me he wanted the money there in anticipation of his
arrival from Norway later that week. This was the last communication we had,
this transpired around 9th October, 2006.

In January last year, we got a call from the security firm informing us
that the inactivity of that particular portfolio. This was an astounding
position as far as I was concerned, given the fact that I managed the
private banking sector I was the only one who knew about the deposit , and I
could not understand why he had not come forward to claim his deposit. I
made futile efforts to locate him I immediately passed the task of locating
him to the internal investigations department of the bank of china. Four
days later, information started to trickle in, apparently he was dead. A
person who suited his description was declared dead of a heart attack in
Canne, South of France. We were soon enough able to identify the body and
cause of death was confirmed. The bank immediately launched an investigation
into possible surviving next of kin to alert about the situation and also to
come forward to claim his estate. If you are familiar with private banking
affairs, those who patronize our services usually prefer anonymity, but also
some levels of detachment from conventional processes. In his bio-data form,
he listed no next of kin. In the field of private banking, opening an
account with us means no one will know of its existence, accounts are rarely
held under a name; depositors use numbers and codes to make the accounts
anonymous. This bank also gives the choice to depositors of having their
mail sent to them or held at the bank itself, ensuring that there are no
traces of the account and as I said, rarely do they nominate next of kin.
Private banking clients apart from not nominating next of kin also usually
in most cases leave wills in our care, in this case; he died intestate.

In line with our internal processes for account holders who have passed
away, we instituted our own investigations in good faith to determine who
should have right to claim the estate. This investigation has for the past
months been unfruitful. We have scanned every continent and used our private
investigation affiliate companies to get to the root of the problem. The
investigation did not ever yield any result My official capacity dictates
that I am the only party to supervise the investigation and the only party
to receive the results of the investigation. This leaves me as the only
person with the full picture of what the prevailing situation is in relation
to the deposit and the late beneficiary of the deposit. According to
practice, the firm will by the end of this financial year broadcast a
request for statements of claim to BOC, failing to receive viable claims
they will most probably revert the deposit back to BOC. This will result in
the money entering the BOC accounting system and the portfolio will be out
of my hands and out of the Private Banking Services Department. This will
not happen if I have my way.

What I wish to relate to you will smack of unethical practice but I want you
to understand something. It is only an outsider to the banking world who
finds the internal politics of the banking world aberrational. The world of
private banking especially is fraught with huge rewards for those who occupy
certain offices and oversee certain portfolios. You should have begun by now
to put together the general direction of what I propose. There is US$
8,370,000.00 deposited , I alone have the deposit details and they will
release the deposit to no one unless I instruct them to do so. I alone know
of the existence of this deposit for as far as BOC is concerned, the
transaction with our deceased customer concluded when I sent the funds to
the firm, all outstanding interactions in relation to the file are just
customer services and due process. They are simply awaiting instructions to
release the deposit to any party that comes forward. This is the situation.
This bank has spent great amounts of money trying to track this man's
family; they have investigated for months and have found no family. The
investigation has come to an end.

My proposal; I am prepared to place you in a position to give instruction
for the release of the deposit to you as the closest surviving relation.
Upon receipt of the deposit, I am prepared to share the money with you in
half. That is: I will simply nominate you as the next of kin and have them
release the deposit to you. We share the proceeds 50/50.

I would have gone ahead to ask the funds be released to me, but that would
have drawn a straight line to me and my involvement in claiming the deposit.
I assure you that I could have the deposit released to you within a few
days. I will simply inform the bank of the final closing of the file
relating to the customer I will then officially communicate with firm and
instruct them to release the deposit to you. With these two things: all is
done. The alternative would be for us to have firm direct the funds to
another bank with you as account holder. This way there will be no need for
you to think of receiving the money from the firm. We can fine-tune this
based on our interactions.

I am aware of the consequences of this proposal. I ask that if you find no
interest in this project that you should discard this mail. I ask that you
do not be vindictive and destructive. If my offer is of no appeal to you,
delete this message and forget I ever contacted you. Do not destroy my
career because you do not approve of my proposal. You may not know this but
people like myself who have made tidy sums out of comparable situations run
the whole private banking sector. I am not a criminal and what I do, I do
not find against good conscience, this may be hard for you to understand,
but the dynamics of my industry dictates that I make this move. Such
opportunities only come ones' way once in a lifetime. I cannot let this
chance pass me by, for once I find myself in total control of my destiny.
These chances won't pass me by. I ask that you do not destroy my chance, if
you will not work with me let me know and let me move on with my life but do
not destroy me. I am a family man and this is an opportunity to provide them
with new opportunities. There is a reward for this project and it is a task
well worth undertaking. I have evaluated the risks and the only risk I have
here is from you refusing to work with me and alerting my bank. I am the
only one who knows of this situation, good fortune has blessed you with a
name that has planted you into the center of relevance in my life. Let's
share the blessing.

If you find yourself able to work with me, contact me through this email

If you give me positive signals, I will initiate this process
towards a conclusion. I wish to inform you that should you contact me via
official channels; I will deny knowing you and about this project. I repeat,
I do not want you contacting me through my official phone lines nor do I
want you contacting me through my official email account. Contact me only
through through this email address. I do not want any direct link between
you and me. My official lines are not secure lines as they are periodically
monitored to assess our level of customer care in line with our Total
Quality Management Policy. Please observe this instruction religiously.
Please, again, note I am a family man; I have a wife and children. I send
you this mail not without a measure of fear as to what the consequences, but
I know within me that nothing ventured is nothing gained and that success
and riches never come easy or on a platter of gold. This is the one truth I
have learned from my private banking clients. Do not betray my confidence.
If we can be of one accord, send me your response to enable us commence
this line of discussion.

I await your response.

Qin Yanjun

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Thursday, October 6, 2011


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Dear Friend

I am MR Bridggie Williams working with INTERNATIONAL BANK OF AFRICA(IBA/BOA)uagadougou Burkina Faso. I want to inquire from you if you can handle this transaction for mutual benefits/life opportunity for you and me.The transaction is about seeking your consent to present you as the next of kin/ beneficiary To our late customer over his fund US$11.5Million dollars.

He died with his family during their vacation journey. I am waiting for your response for more details. The fund is going to be share at the ratio of 60/40.40% for you and 60% for i and my family which we are going to use for investment.and 10% for outstanding expenses.

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Good Day

I am writing to seek your cooperation over this business, please kindly welcome this letter

Greetings to you and your family. I am Mr Errol Miller , auditing and accounting manager, Bank of Africa Ouagadougou Burkina Faso . I need your assistance in transferring the sum of ($6M) Six million dollars into your account within 8 to 10 banking days.

This account belongs to one of our foreign customer by name, Mr. Alan Williams who died along with his entire family in a plane crash in the year December 2000. You can view the link below for more details:

I have agree that 50% of this money will be for you in respect of the provision of a foreign account, and 50% would be for me. Thereafter, I will visit your country for disbursement according to the percentage indicated. Reply me if you are interested and I will furnished you with details information
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


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I am Mr Lambert Zongo.The Director incharge of Auditing section of Bank of Africa (BOA) in Ouagadougou,Burkina Faso. I need your urgent business assistance in transferring an abandoned sum of ($19.3 Million) dollars left by a deceased customer of my bank immediately to your account.

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