Thursday, July 19, 2018


419 scams


I am Senate Committee Chairman on Anti-Corruption and Financial Crimes under the
office of Vice President, I hope this message finds you in good health. I have your
information on my desk; your name has appeared here on several occasions as one of
the debtors to receive their payment but without any success at last.

President DONALD TRUMP has authorized us to release FUNDS stolen by fraudsters in
Canada and Africa as part of Operation Reclaim USA finance from Canada and Africa.
See recent News on FOX NEWS about Canada and Africa Corruption, Thievery at Highest
Levels. Justin Tredeau to be arrested by the FBI for his crimes against Americans
like YOU.

From all my personal investigation in your payment file today, I sincerely wish to
inform you that you are entitled for release of funds owed to you from Canada and

Meanwhile, there are still few mistakes and illegal approval documents in your
payment file, even the contract details and amount etc, these are the reason why you
could not receive this payment up till this day and will not receive it until you
comply with my terms. However this fund came as a result of an over-invoiced
contract inheritance, which has already been approved for payment in your name. But
due to the above reasons we cannot further this payment unless you will agree on my
conditions that this fund shall be a deal between me and you.

My conditions is as follows:

1) As soon as you receive this fund I shall be entitle of 25% of the total sum.

2) You shall keep this deal between me and you as top secret.

3) You renounce Canada and Africa

4) You are loyal to President Donald Trump

If you cannot agree to work on my above conditions, I shall forward my report to the
following authorities such as FBI, CIA, Fox News, FCC. Therefore all I need is your
sincere truth and co-operation so that I can tell you the next thing to do for
immediate release of the funds to you for our both benefit.

I wait for your reply.

Be advice.

Hillary Smith

Astronaut, Senate Committee Chairman

on Anti-Corruption and Financial Crime

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


419 scams

EMAIL :( )
PHONE: +234 7037172146

Attn: Payment Notification,

This is to bring to your notice that, I have paid the re-activation fee and the delivery of your ATM.I paid it because the ATM Card 8119 1.5m used, has less than 3days to expire and when it expires, the money will go into Government purse. With that I decided to help you pay the money so that, the ATM CARD will not expire, because I know when you get your ATM CARD definitely you must pay me back my money and even compensate me for helping you.

Now I want you to contact UPS Delivery Service with your Full Contact information’s so that they can deliver your Card to your designated address without any delay. Like I stated earlier, the delivery charges has been paid but I did not pay their official delivery charge since they refused. They refused and the reason is that they do not know when you are going to contact them and demurrage might have increase.
They told me that their delivery charges is $40usd so that is only money that you well pay to them so try and see that you send them the money so that there well send your ATM CARD to you.

EMAIL :( )
Tel: +234 70 37172146
Finally, make sure that you reconfirm your Postal address and Direct telephone number to them again to avoid any mistake on the Delivery and ask them to give you the tracking number to enable you track your package over there and know when it will get to your address.

Let me repeat again, try to contact them as soon as you receive this mail to avoid any further delay and remember to pay them their OFFICIAL delivery chargesof $40.00 US Dollars for their immediate action today to avoid the increase per a day.

Please, make sure you send this needed information to the Director general of UPS Express Delivery Company Ltd Dr, LARRY ALEX with the address given to you. Note. The UPS Express Delivery Company Ltd don't know the really contents of the Box. I registered it as a Box of a jewelries they don't know that the contents valuable ATM CARD. This is to avoid them delaying with the Box. Don’t let them know that is ATM CARD that is in that Box.

Name: Ruth Brinson: Tracking Number 1Z 96R 406 22 1003 4521 (
Name: Leigh Gilchrist: Tracking Number 1Z 96R 406 22 1003 4530 (
Name: Amanda R. Hamilton: Tracking Number 1Z 96R 406 22 1003 4549 (
Name: Deborah Dominick: Tracking Number 1Z 96R 406 22 1003 4558

Contact Today to avoid increase of their delivery charges and let me know once you receive your ATM Card.

Shipment Code: #AXIB 131ZXR,
Your Package Registration No; # Eg2272,
Security Code No: # 01721457,
PACKAGE No: # JKT0014523,
Items No: # J247,
Serial No: #1256784356,
Size of the items: 46m by 52m,
Weight of the items: 41kg.

Mrs.Joyce Carter

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


419 scams

Hello Good Day,

It was very nice coming in contact with you I know that the content of this message will sound odd to you when reading but I wish to confirm in all honestly that everything you are about to read is truth.

While i went for a contract in 2011 during the unrest in Libya against the former ruler Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, in the house of his defense Minister Abu Bakr Yunis Jabr, Myself and another officer came across some fortune (funds) and Gold bars loaded in cases.

Due to delicate nature of the country during the war, we were very careful but still did a little to secure some of the money for myself and some Gold bars, then on one of my trip to Belgium, I managed to move this money and Gold bars to U.K which I later deposited with a security firm and declared the contents as family treasure meant to be transferred to a family friend, though I never gave any name or contact of intended recipient.About a week ago, I got an email message from the security company, informing me that the deposited boxes will be confiscated and declared unclaimed

deposit and surrendered to the security treasury if they did not hear from me before the end of this month and as things stands now, I cannot abandon my duty here in Afghanistan , hence I started to search for a trustworthy person whom I can communicate with this info and the person can work with me for the release of the boxes containing the fund and Gold and transfer them to you after which I shall join you when am down with my duty but I wouldn't like to transfer them to any relatives or to my country, not at all, it must be some where else.

I will give more details on the amount in the box and the quantity of the Gold when you reply with interest. ..

Best Regards

Admiral Gavin Harris

Monday, July 16, 2018


419 scams

Interim Assistance General Manager,
 (Operations, Maintenance, Transportation)
 Harrisburg International Airport Pennsylvania
 One Terminal Drive, Middletown,
 PA 17057, Pennsylvania USA

 Hello Good Friend

 Your Abandoned Package For Delivery

 I have very vital information to give to you, but first I must have your trust before I reveal it to you because it may cost me my job, so I need somebody that I can trust for me to be able to reveal the secret to you.

 I am Charles J.Colocino JR, head of luggage/baggage storage facilities (Operations, Maintenance, and Transportation) here at the Harrisburg International Airport, Pennsylvania USA. During my recent withheld package routine check at the Airport Storage Vault, I discovered an abandoned shipment from a Diplomat from London and when scanned it revealed an undisclosed sum of money in a Metal Trunk Box weighing approximately 110kg. The consignment was abandoned because the Contents of the consignment was not properly declared by the consignee as "MONEY" rather it was declared as personal effect to avoid interrogation and also the inability of the diplomat to pay for the United States Non Inspection Charges which is $3,700USD. On my assumption the consignment is still left in our Storage House here at the Harrisburg International Airport Pennsylvania till date.

 The details of the consignment including your name, your email address and the official documents from the United Nations office in Geneva are tagged on the Trunk box. However, to enable me confirm if you are the actual recipient of this consignment as the assistant director of the Inspection Unit, I will advise you provide your current Phone Number and Full Address, to enable me cross check if it corresponds with the address on the official documents including the name of nearest Airport around your city. Please note that this consignment is supposed to have been returned to the United States Treasury Department as unclaimed delivery due to the delays in concluding the clearance processes so as a result of this, I will not be able to receive your details on my official email account. So in order words to enable me cross check your details, I will advise you send the required details to my private email address for quick processing and response.

 Once I confirm you as the actual recipient of the trunk box, I can get everything concluded within 48 hours upon your acceptance and proceed to your address for delivery. Lastly, be informed that the reason I have taken it upon myself to contact you personally about this abandoned consignment is because I want us to transact this business and share the money 70% for you and 30% for me since the consignment has not yet been returned to the United States Treasury Department after being abandoned by the diplomat so immediately the confirmation is made, I will go ahead and pay for the United States Non Inspection Fee of $3,700 dollars and arrange for the box to be delivered to your doorstep Or I can bring it by myself to avoid any more trouble but you have to assure me of my 30% share.

 I wait to hear from you urgently if you are still alive and I will appreciate if we can keep this deal confidential. Please get back to me via my private Email Sad ) for further directives.


 Charles J.Colocino JR

 Interim Assistance General Manager,
 Harrisburg International Airport Pennsylvania
 One Terminal Drive, Middletown.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


419 scams

Attention Please

Breaking News, This is to inform you that the higher authorities that
is in-charge of international transaction has this morning declared
that you will receive your SD$900.000.00 ( NINE Hundred Thousand United
States Dollars) through Western Union Money Transfer Government office
Only as compensation for your past effort here in Benin Republic. So
the arrangement has been made this morning and the Federal High Court
Of Justice has signed your Western Union Transfer Papers and the only
money you will pay is USD$90  for the signing of it which means your
transfer will start tomorrow morning.

Note that the daily transfer of your fund is USD$4,000 twice per day
until your total SD$900.000.00 ( NINE Hundred Thousand United States
Dollars) is completely
transferred to you from this Western Union Government Office, be rest
assured and guarantee that your first payment of the USD$4,000 will be
release for the immediately pick up by you today in any office western
union location around under 1hour and 30minutes once we confirm the sum
of $60 USD from you which is to enable us have your Tax Clearance
Certificate that was expired renewed from the office of Federal Inland 
Revene Service (FIRS) as it was approved and programmed by the Federal
Ministry of Finance Republic Of Nigeria then you should pay only $60
USD for the renewal of your Tax Clearance Certificate.

Finally; you are hereby advice to try as much as you can to raise this
fee of $60 USD and have it send immediately with the Information stated

COUNTRY:           BENIN
STATE:             COTONOU
TEXT ANSWER:       229

Your urgent response is await along with the payment details of this
required $60 USD to enable us complete with this transaction as it  was
approved and programmed for the immediately release of your first
payment $4,000 USD under 1hour and 30 minutes that the required fee has
been confirmed by the Federal Inland  Revene Service (FIRS) Finally you
are advise to stop emailing any office or department here in Republic
Of Nigeria until you receive your full compensation from us, this is
for security reason.

We are looking forward to hear from you with the payment information.

Thanks and remain bless
Yours in service
Mr. Uzormili Johnson
PHONE; +229 66230554