Thursday, December 8, 2016


Lotto scams

World Lottery Association (WLA)
Basel CH-4002,

Attention Winner,

This is to inform you that your One Million Five Thousand United States Dollar ($1.5M) Lottery Win will be send to you via ATM MASTER CARD or Certified bank draft Cheque so that there will not be any delay or much tax's as this lottery organizer want you to receive your winning prize within 30 days before the expiring date of the bank draft. The total amount mentioned above was awarded to your Facebook email address for winning a first category in the 2016 draw; your payment is available at one of the PRIME Bank here in Benin Republic where your payment file was allocated (NAME OF THE BANK WITH HOLD FOR SECURITY REASON).

It was decided to use ATM VISA CARD or Certified Bank Draft payment to pay our winners which you are one of them to avoid difficulties in receiving winning funds; this award came to you Curtsy of FACEBOOK and GOOGLE. Note that your ATM VISA CARD was powered by Gold MasterCard which is accepted at over 900,000 Automated Teller Machines payment centers in over 210 countries worldwide and the CARD withdrawal daily limit is $10,000USD until you withdraw all your total winner amount of $1,500,000.00USD, And note that the only and last money you are going to pay to receive your payment is $99USD courier shipment charges. To receive your winning payment,you are advised to contact the Fiduciary with your following information

Your Receiving Name..: Your Receiving Address..: Your Country..: Your Tel..: Your Sex..: Your Age..: Your Occupation..:

Note: the Ninety nine dollars is the last and only fee associated to this delivery of your package,(IMPORTANT) Winners are mandated to keep this notification private to avoid fraudulent claim pending the transfer.

Contact your payment fiduciary at: ( )


Wednesday, December 7, 2016


419 scams

Zhejiang Huayan Electric Co., Ltd.
No. 1828, Yongqiang Avenue,
Wenzhou, Zhejiang,
Fax: +86707502352


In our quest for a professional to handle this Job for our
organization, we contacted the Administrator of Linkedin Professional
Network. Hence, we were able to get your contact email. We are sorry
if contacting you in this manner upsets you. You may ignore if you are
not interested. If you are interested in handling the Job for us,
please let us know. In order for us to go further.

I am Cheng Chen, Recruitment Manager of Zhejiang Huayan Electric Co.,
Ltd. Zhejiang Huayan Electric Company Limited has been a well-known
company in Zhejiang Province since 1986 when we were established. We
have been dedicated to designing, manufacturing and exporting
electrical goods for more than 20 years. As one of the biggest
suppliers, Huayan deals with low-voltage electrical products in varied
series (and also according to customers' requirements), including Wall
switches, Sockets & Plugs, Junction boxes, Lamp holders, travel
adaptors, knife switches, and Fans/Lamp holders etc. As you will be
sent a full schedule of our yearly export and net income on your
partnership and competence with us. Awarded ISO9000 certificate in
2000, Huayan carries on complete quality control procedure from the
raw material incoming to finished product delivery. With strong
quality control, rapid business feedback system and professional
workers, we are able to meet all customers' requirements as well as
offer OEM services.Our products are sold around the world, such as
Southeast Asia, the Middle East,
Africa, Europe, America, Canada and Australia.

Due to the increase in demand of our products in Europe, Canada and
North America, we decided to move our products fully into these
continent. We seek for a financial representative/account receivable
agent in your region to represent the company in financial
transaction. Part of the duty will be to manage finances such as
receiving overdue payment from our client in your region. For problems
encountered in the past with receiving payment from our client in
North America as it takes a month for Canada/America Check to clear in
China with huge federal Taxes, we seek to employ an agent in these
region to assist Zhejiang Huayan Electric Co., Ltd. to communicate and
also retrieval of overdue payments from our customers/clients who are
located in the above region.

We are been owed huge amounts of funds by our various customers in
Europe, America and Canada and some of these companies in question
have agreed to begin install mental payment. Presently, be informed
that we have approximately $4,165,090.00 worth of payment with
different clients from different regions in the United State of
America and Canada currently owed to Zhejiang Huayan Electric Co.,
Ltd. If you are willing to take up this position, you will be paid on
a commission basis of 5% on any fund received on behalf of our company
and also you will be placed on a monthly payment of $2,000.00 to
$5,000.00 based on your credibility if you are willing and ready to
assist our company without any illegal act. This position needs no
prior experience. If you wish to work with us, Please send me an email
to let me know so we can continue.

Mr. Cheng Chen
Recruitment Manager

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


419 scams


Good Day Dear;

How are you doing together with your family? I hope you are fine and
if so glory be to God almighty in heaven. First of all let me
introduce my self to you, I am Dr. Patrice Talon, the new President of
Benin Republic. I am writing this mail to inform you that after the
meeting held in my office last week Friday 2nd Dec which consist
between the United States Embassy and the United Nations, African
ECOWAS we have concluded that you will be compensated with all the
money you have lost in the hands of Africans and most especially BENIN
REPUBLIC precisely.

After receiving many complaints that many was scammed through WESTERN
cards and consignment packages) including CHAMBERS as well, so I'm
pleading with all scammed citizens that anyone that has been scammed
due to one reason or the other and for anything would be compensated
back and no matter your country or continent, AFRICA, ASIA PACIFIC,
AMERICAN, EUROPEAN, ETC. all scammed person(s) would be compensated
and would be sent their compensation funds.

Furthermore, every client and beneficiaries would be send their
compensation fund sum of of four Million five hundred thousand united
state dollars ($4.5USD) each. And this fund would be sent to you
through ONLINE BANKING TRANSFER OR ATM CARD and it would be sent to
you in form of an executive enveloped sealed letter and there will
nothing like any delivery agent or courier company involved in this,
perhaps, this letter would be sent to you through POST OFFICE and
would be sent directly to your home address and P.O BOX. Therefore,
all beneficiaries is expected to send the below details for fast
procedure and immediate co-operation;

Full Name:
Home Address:
P.O. Box Address:
Postal Address:
Telephone Number:
Age and Sex:

Finally, all the scammed beneficiaries would be sent this compensation
fund of Three million Five Hundred Thousand united state dollars and
the only money that would be involved in this would be the posting fee
of $45usd each and this would be the only money that would be paid by the
beneficiary of the funds and that is all. Moreover, there will be no
C.O.D in this stated method of payment and every beneficiary has just
from now till the 10th of December 2016 to comply and correspond with
this office respectively. Be informed to use this below information to
make the payment of $45usd.

Send the fee via money gram or western union,

Receiver's name......Cornelius Nwakasi
Country....... Benin Republic
Text Question......urgent?
Text Answer..... .today
Sender:. ..

Your urgent and fast response is highly needed and would be highly
appreciated, so as to enable this issue to be settled once and for
His Excellency,
Dr. Patrice Talon
President of Benin Republic

Monday, December 5, 2016


419 scams

935 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20535

Dear Beneficiary,


Series of meetings have been held over the past 5days with the secretary general of the United Nations Organization. This ended yesterday. It is obvious that you have not received your fund which is to the tune of Eight Million and Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars ($8,500,000.00) due to past corrupt Governmental Officials who almost held the fund to themselves for their selfish reason and some individuals who have taken advantage of your fund all in an attempt to swindle your fund which has led to so many losses from your end and unnecessary delay in the receipt of your fund.

The National Central Bureau of Interpol enhanced by the United Nations and Federal Bureau of Investigation have successfully passed a mandate to the current president of African Economic Controller Authorities (ECOWAS) to boost the exercise of clearing all foreign debts owed to you and other individuals and organizations who have been found not to have receive their Contract Sum, Lottery/Gambling, Inheritance and the likes. Now how would you like to receive your payment? Because we have two method of payment which is by Check or by ATM card?

ATM Card: We will be issuing you a custom pin based ATM card which you will use to withdraw up to $10,000 per day from any ATM machine that has the Master Card Logo on it and the card have to be renewed in 4 years’ time which is 2020. Also with the ATM card you will be able to transfer your funds to your local bank account. The ATM card comes with a handbook or manual to enlighten you about how to use it. Even if you do not have a bank account.

Check: To be deposited in your bank for it to be cleared within three working days. Your payment would be sent to you via any of your preferred option and would be mailed to you via DHL. Because we have signed a contract with DHL Courier Service which should expire by 10 of Dec 2016 you will only need to pay $159 instead of $359 saving you $200 So if you pay before 10 of Dec 2016 2016 you save $200 and your fund parcel will get to you without any problem. Take note that anyone asking you for some kind of money above the usual fee is definitely a fraudsters and you will have to stop communication with every other person if you have been in contact with any.

We guarantee the receipt of your fund to be successfully delivered to you within the next 19-hours after the receipt of payment has been confirmed.

Note: Everything has been taken care of by the Economic Controller Authorities (ECOWAS), The United Nation and also the FBI and including taxes, custom paper so all you need to pay is $159. To affect the release of your fund papers valued at $8,500,000.00 you are advised to follow our instruction to enable you get your long delayed fund without any problem.

Use the information below to send the $159 through Walmart money transfer only as stated below.

Receivers Name: Clemente Amelio
Location: Middletown New York 10940 USA
Amount sent: ??

After payment you are advised to text us with the Walmart payment ref digit information's and also the information as stated below:

Reconfirm the information as stated below for your delivery:

Your full Name...
Your Address:
Home/Cell Phone:
Preferred Payment Method (ATM or Cashier Check)

Upon receipt of payment the delivery officer will ensure that your package is sent within 24 working hours. Because we are so sure of everything we are giving you a 100% money back guarantee if you do not receive payment/package within the next 48hours after you have made the payment for shipping.

To avoid global hackers please Text us the money gram or Walmart ref details only at (206) 596-7273

God Bless America.

Yours sincerely,

Sir: Joseph S. Campbell
FBI s Criminal Investigative Division

Note: Do disregard any email you get from any impostors or offices claiming to be in possession of your ATM CARD, you are hereby advice to forward any emails you get from impostors to this office so we could act upon and commence investigation.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


419 scams


Dear Customer.

My name is Cathleen (Cathy) Nash, Board of Directors of Woodforest National Bank President and Chief Executive Officer, effective April 16, 2015,

The United Nations {UN} has giving you extra three working days to receive your fund from Woodforest National Bank or you will lose the opportunity for ever. So you are advised to comply immediately to avoid the cancellation of your fund, follow the instruction immediately for your own good and future

The WoodForest National Bank Texas controlling department controlling of the security transfer CODE which is (WF/2002/77/09), the Authentication section code of this bank concludes the verification of your file. After going through all the documents of claim received by this department with justification and verification from the global strategy United States we are completely satisfied and you have been confirmed.

The WoodForest National Bank concerning wire transfers of your funds. Your letter has been referred to the (JMCB) Legal Division for Funds (US$17.5 Million Dollars) Transferred code. (WF/200/105/09). We are satisfied using Electronic Wire Transfer or Swift Wire Transfer and the rights and liabilities of using of electronic and Swift fund transfer systems are defined by the Electronic Fund Transfer Act.. The regulation, however, which implements this statute, 12 C.F.R. Part 205, Regulation E. specifically states that its provisions are inapplicable to a situation such we must ensure your Funds Transferred to your destination Bank Account between 10 hours.

Considering the volume of your payment, it is right for us to seek for the approval of some money regulatory Boards here in United States before we can carry out the Transfer of an amount of such magnitude to anybody, otherwise any such transfer will be stopped by the Authorities of WoodForest National Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), since your Transfer is Electronic Transfer or Swift Wire transfer is almost activated with our bank and the only thing holding the final activation of your Account are some certain Approval Documents from the concerned Authorities here in United States, and for that reason, you are required to pay the Sum of $159 as this money will be used by the Authorities Attorney to Obtain all the necessary documents that will enable the final activation of your Funds.

WoodForest National Bank hereby state officially that the required payment will remain the only and final monetary obligation required from You prior to the final transfer of your funds, hence any further charges will be our bank's full responsibility till final transfer of your payment is made to your bank account.

We awaits your urgent response to obtain the remaining documents through our bank Attorney, kindly send the funds directly to our attorney in New York with information below through Western Union or Money Gram money transfer:

You are advised to copy the details below and locate Western Union or Money Gram only to send the fee and expect the transfer of your fund into your account within 3hours. Once again send the money through Western Union or Money Gram as listed below.

Receiver's name: Clemente Amelio
Address: Middletown, New York 10940 United State

After sent the money kindly fill the below details for pick up"

Sender's name.......
Sender's address......

In respect you are inquiring to pay Wire Transfer Electronic Transfer charges ($159) or Swift transfer ($159) [BANK B], under section 47--4A302 of US law WoodForest National Bank, a depository institution which wire transfers funds may not deduct any fees for handling the wire transfer from the amount of money which is to be transferred to your provided Bank Account

The fastest Wire Transfer is Electronic Transfer which only takes just 3 hours to reflect in Account, and Swift Wire transfer takes 5 hours to remit.

You are require to get back to me if you are pleased with the Banking rules for more information on how to make any of your choice Wire Transfer charges send for the your Funds ($17.5 Million) Wire Transfer processing to commence as soon as possible.

This law is stated according to section 35 and 36 of the banking sector interaction realm of our constitution and the outside world. Based on article of association and memorandum of association, the Chase controlling agency of United States and your happiness suits our stand and we will make sure that your fund is fully endorsed to your bank account as soon as you have comprehended with our instructions.


(Designated bank account details for Electronic Transfer to avoid mistake or should in case you created a new account)

Bank Name and Address
Account Number:
Account Name:
Routing Number:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your banking needs.

UN gives you only 3 working days to receive your fund from our bank or no more so follow the instruction by send the $159 immediately and email us back with the payment details along with your bank details.

Yours sincerely
Board of Directors of Woodforest National Bank
Cathleen Cathy Nash
President and Chief Executive Officer, effective April 16, 2015