Sunday, April 5, 2020

Lotto scam

From : Mr. Robert Den <>
To : Recipients <>
Date : 20.04.01 10:38 GMT +0900
Subject : Accredited ATM Lottery Card

 Foreign Lottery Payment Committee,
 Resolution panel for contract payment.
 Your Ref #: ATM / UK / UK

 Accredited ATM Lottery Card (231) for £ 3.8M GBP contract payment. with
card number; 4278763100030014 was allocated in your favor over winning
the lottery combination. Contact now with your details for availing.


 Robert Den.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Jamaican Lottery Scam by Telephone

Beware of any caller telling you that you have won a prize and asking you to pay a fee to receive your supposed winnings.

The information on this particular scammer was shared by someone who received a suspicious phone call and contacted us to inquire if it was a scam.

A scammer called from the phone number: 876 470 4481 , claiming to be a Fed Ex employee named Mr. Goodman. The scammer said he was trying to deliver a cashier's check for $ 450 000 and a widescreen TV that the person had won. The scammer wanted the person to pay $295 in fees through Western Union.

The phone number traces to Jamaica. Included below is an article from December of 2009 warning people about this type of scam, which appears to be targeting senior citizens in several countries. An internet search for "Jamaican Lottery scam" yields many other articles.

"OFT and SOCA warn of new Jamaican lottery scam"

Thursday, April 2, 2020

419 scam

Min kära,

Jag skriver detta brev till dig med tårar i mina ögon och stor sorg i
mitt hjärta. Jag är Serena Buafoh. En änka och jag är 65 år och lider
av bröstcancer under lång tid.

Av alla indikationer har mitt tillstånd verkligen förvärrats och det
är helt klart att jag inte kommer att leva mer än 2 månader enligt min
läkare. Jag har några fonder som jag ärvt från min avdöd kära make,
herr Gabriel, det belopp (3 800 000,00 USD) som han deponerade i
banken här och jag behöver någon som är ärlig, ärlig och rädd för Gud
som kan använda dessa medel för Välgörenhet fungerar, hjälper
missgynnade människor och 30% av dessa pengar kommer att vara för din
tid och ansträngning, medan 70% för välgörenhet.

1) För de sjuka är det mindre speciellt
2) För änkor och föräldralösa barn
3) Orphanage or Charity House.

Jag ser fram emot ditt snabba svar för mer information.

Med respekt
Fru Serena Buafoh.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

419 scam


Ik ben de heer Richard Robert, ik ben een advocaat van beroep, ik heb een privé-reservering van mijn kantoor met betrekking tot mijn overleden cliënt, een burger van uw land met dezelfde achternaam bij u die enkele jaren geleden stierf en zijn eigendommen achterliet en een enorme hoeveelheid geld op de bank in mijn land is niet opgeëist.

Ik ben zijn persoonlijke advocaat en ik heb uw medewerking nodig zodat we deze activa van de bank kunnen terugvorderen voordat het te laat is.

De totale kostbaarheden lopen op tot miljoenen euro's. Ik zal echter meer in detail uitleggen wanneer ik van u hoor dat u hierin geïnteresseerd bent.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

419 scam


This message is coming to you on behalf of the United Nation Anti-Crime
Commission and Great Britain (UK) in conjunction with the United
Nations(UN) Foreign Credit Commission and Debts Settlement Services New
York, the United States of America to Africans scam victims.

This is to inform you that the United State Government have ordered the
Economic Community Of West African States (ECO-WAS) Fraud Victim
Compensation Unit of Fidelity Insurance Plc, Benin
Republic/Nigeria/Ghana/Senegal West Africa to release a compensation grant
fund of US$5.9 Million United States Dollars to you.

We wish to inform you that you are among the 100 beneficiaries to benefit
US$5.9 Million United States Dollars each from the Economic Community Of
West African States (ECO-WAS) Fraud Victim Compensation Unit. According to
the number of applicants at hand, 40 beneficiaries have been paid, we
still have more 60 left to be paid the compensations payment.

NB: There are two payment methods through which every beneficiary is
required to choose one from the options, we kindly request that you must
indicate which of the payment options you prefer? From the listed payment
options, you must choose one out of the options to let us know how you
want your US$5.9 Million United States Dollars be paid to you.

You can receive your compensations payments via any of this options listed

1) Bank to Bank Wire Transfer Direct to your Bank Account within 6 hours.
2) By An ATM Card Deliver at your doorstep within 2- working days.
3) Cash in Consignment Delivery to your Address within 3 days.
4) Through Bank Draft Check delivery and clear within 3 working days.

Indicate from the above options which one is preferable to you to enable
the bank commence an immediate fund release to you without further delays.
As soon as we hear from you, we shall arrange with the accredited paying
sector to facilitate an immediate funds release to you, thereafter you
shall be duly notified on how the payment schedule can be conducted.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Christopher William
+1-724) 519-0540