Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Money mule scams

We are interested to offer you the vacancy for Accounts receivable (AR) position.
If you are interested, please do get back to us for specifics regarding this opportunity.

Mr.Lin Li.
Bight Food Group (Co) Ltd.
Tel:+86 1367176-0176

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


419 scams

I have a Mutual/Beneficial Business Project for you worth Millions of Dollars. My
name is Tony Fisher. I am a senior staff and an Int'l Purchasing Manager with
Channel Island Fuels Ltd here in UK. I over-invoiced a contract to the tune of
US$8.5 Million. All arrangements have been concluded with the paying bank on how to
transfer the funds out to a safe foreign account since the original contractor has
just been paid his contract payment of US$980 Million some days ago. As civil
servants, I am are not allowed to operate foreign accounts and I need a kind person
to work with for the immediate Claims. Please, should you be willing to assist, the
paying bank is already awaiting your interest to execute the transfer within
4-working days. There is no risk involved. Please treat with utmost confidentiality.
Please note that the deal required high level of maturity, honesty and secrecy
because this Involves moving or Siphoning some money from my office, on trust to
your hands or bank account. You will be entitle to 40%;60% for me. Write me back if
you think we can work out this transaction, I guarantee you that this will be
executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the
law. law. You should be rest assured that this is 100% risk-free also free from any
breach of the law, For further discussion send me email via:

Yours Sincerely
Tony Fisher
Purchasing Manager/ Channel Island Fuels Ltd
La Collette, St.Helier, Jersey JE2 3NX. UK

Please reply to (

Monday, July 29, 2019


419 scams

Dear Beneficiary,

We hope this notification arrives meeting your good health and
mind.Series of meetings have been held over the past 7 months with the
secretary general of the United Nations Organization. This ended 3
days ago.

This meeting was scheduled and arranged by the former acting Director
of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It is obvious that you have not received your fund which is to the
tune of $4.8M) million due to past corrupt Governmental Officials who
almost held the fund to themselves for their selfish reason and some
individuals who have taken advantage of your fund all in an attempt to
swindle your fund which has led to so many losses from your end and
unnecessary delay in the receipt of your fund.for more information do
get back to us.

The National Central Bureau of Interpol enhanced by the United Nations
and Federal Bureau of Investigation have successfully passed a mandate
to the government of the states the exercise of clearing all foreign
debts owed to you and other individuals and organizations who have
been found not to have receive their Contract Sum,

we are happy to inform you that based on our recommendation your
outstanding contract inheritance funds of over-due-payment in tone of
USD $4.8M) has been credited in your favor in Suntrust Bank .

Having said all this, we will further advise that you go ahead in
dealing with the Suntrust Bank accordingly as we will be monitoring
all their activities
with you as well as your correspondence at all levels.

NOTE: There are numerous scam emails on the internet,imposters
impersonating names and images. We therefore warn our dear citizens to
be very careful with any claim email you receive prior to these
irregularities so that they do not fall victim to this ugly
circumstance anymore.

And should in case you are already dealing with anybody or office
claiming that you have a payment with them, you are to STOP further
contact with them immediately in your best interest and contact the
real bank (Sunrust Bank ) only where your fund is laying, with the
below information:

Bank Name: Suntrust Bank U.S.A
Mr.William H.Rogers,Jr
Chairman and Chief Excutive officer
SunTrust Bank-USA
(Remittance Director)
Department Code:850
Contact the bank today and furnish them with this
information below for processing of your payment/funds


NOTE: In your best interest, any message that does not come from the
above email address should be Nullify and avoided immediately for
security reasons.

Meanwhile, we will advise that you contact the Suntrust Bank office
immediately with the above email address and request that they attend
to your payment file as directed so as to enable you receive your
payment/fund accordingly. Ensure you follow all directives from
Suntrust Bank as this will further help hasten up the whole payment
process in regards to the transfer of your fund to you as designated.

Also have in mind that the Suntrust Bank equally has their own
protocol of operation as stipulated on their banking terms.

All modalities has already been worked out before you were contacted
and note that we will be monitoring all your dealings with them as you
proceed so you don't have anything to worry about.

All we require from you henceforth is an update so as to enable us be
on track with you and the Suntrust Bank .

Without wasting much time, we will want you to contact them
immediately with the above email address and phone number so as to
enable them attend to your case accordingly without any further delay
as time is already running out.

Should in case you need any more information in regards to this
notification, feel free to get back to us via email so that we can
brief you more as we are here to guide you during and after this
project has been completely perfected and you have received your
payment/fund as stated.

Thank you very much for your anticipated co-operation.

Christopher A. Wray
Director Federal Bureau on Investigation

Sunday, July 28, 2019


419 scams




Be informed that after our AMCREDIUNION BANK USA agreement with United
Nations Cotonou du Benin republic and FEDERAL MINISTRY OF FINANCE on
your payment fund US$36,500,000.00 ( Thirty Six Million Five Hundred
United States Dollars), We have agreed that you will open an online
account with us to enable you have full access to transfer your funds
from our AMCREDIUNION BANK USA to any other of your bank/banks as you

Meanwhile, Attached is my service ID for your perusal Now you are
advised to re-confirm the bellow details to enable us cross check with
our file to avoid payment to wrong person.

1. First Name:.............

2. Middle Name:............

3. Last Name:..............

4. Resident Address:.......

5. City:....................

6. State:...................

7. Zip Code:................

8. Country of Resident:.......

9. Nationality:..............

10. Phone Number:.............

11. Private/personal Email which you will be receiving Alert when you
make online transfer:....................

12. Date of Birth:............

13. Gender:...................

14. Account Type:.............

15. Next of Kin:..............

16. Next of Kin Phone:........

17. Next of Kin Address:.......



Thanks for banking with us, we are here at your service.

We Remain Yours.


Saturday, July 27, 2019


419 scams

Dear Fund Owner,


Your compensation fund is ready to be received to your would be nominated country and account which is $4,000,000 Our organization confirmed this update today. But we need the info as stated below from you to enable us submit it to the designated paying bank which will be revealed to you upon confirmation of the required to match-up your email address in our database. This fund is deposited in your favor by The IMF in Geneva Switzerland which submitted your email in respect to your current predicament. It is very important that you reply this message immediately you receive it.

Once again kindly re-confirm your info.


All info should be sent to

Congratulations and have a nice day!!!

Joseph K. Ingram
Senior Director
For; IMF Geneva-Switzerland.
Email To:

Friday, July 26, 2019


419 scams
Good day,

Today I bring to you a beneficial proposal which I want you to assist me with. I am Mrs. Elaine Wynn, a divorcée and an American billionaire businesswoman, philanthropist and art collector. I have recently been diagnosed with Colorectal cancer and a rare heart disease, which has defiled all medical treatment.  The intention of this email is to employ the expertise of a Charity minded individual, who can identify a viable and guarantee reasonable distribution of my wealth to the needy. I cannot rely on family and closest relatives any more, as they did not show responsible behavior when I entrusted part of my wealth to them to distribute to charitable organizations but instead they used the money for their personal needs. If interested to assist me, do forward me with your information’s [NAME, COUNTRY, OCCUPATION, AGE, MARITAL STATUS]  I will provide you with more details on my next email.

Thanks and stay blessed

Mrs. Elaine Wynn


Thursday, July 25, 2019


419 scams

Attn; Dear,

I have a client who want to invest in your country or company.

Thank you.


Barrister Anthony Forson

Wednesday, July 24, 2019


419 scams
 Emirates Islamic Bank
Dubai Healthcare City,
16th Executive Building,
2nd floor, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Attention: Beneficiary

We wish to congratulate and inform you that after thorough review of your
Inheritance/Contract funds transfer release documents in conjunction with the World
Bank and the International Monetary Fund assessment report, your payment file was
forwarded to us for immediate transfer of a part-payment of US$3,800,000.00(Three
Million Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) to your designated bank
account from their offshore account with us.

The audit reports given to us, shows that you have been going through hard times to
see to the release of your funds, which has been delayed by some dubious officials.

We therefore advice that you stop further communication with any correspondence
outside this office.

Kindly reconfirm your details to enable us credit your account through online or by
telegraphic transfer and send copies of the funds transfer release documents to you
and your bankers for confirmation.

Should you follow our directives, your funds will be credited and reflect in your
bank account within five (5) bank working days.

For further details and assistance on this Remittance Notification, kindly provide
us with the below details:


Yours Faithfully

Awatif Al Harmoodi
General Manager,
Operational Quality & Processes,
Emirates Islamic Bank
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


419 scams

Dear Beloved One

I bring you Good greetings. I am Mrs Mary Franson, maried in Ivory Coast. My Late Husband was a Director of Finance in Federal Ministry of Works, Housing and Urban Development before his death. We were married for years without a child due to my fibroid problem. Since my husband's death, I have been diagnosed with cancer that I hardly move around. Recently, my Doctor told me that I would not last for the next 8 weeks because the cancer has gotten to a very bad stage.

When my Late husband was alive he made a deposit of One Million five hundred thousand United States Dollars (US$1,500.000.00). My late husband was saving the money hoping to invest the  money in a Business after his retirement from Government Service. My Beloved, Knowing my Present health condition, I have decided to donate this money out for charity purposes. Beloved, I want to transfer this money to you, I want you to use at least 90% of this money to help the poor orphans, poor sick ones in the hospital, poor widows, women with cancer, render help to some poor student in your country. Then take the remaining amount to take care of your home because every worker deserve his wages.

I took this decision because I am sick and weak and cannot visit the bank or invest the money. I don't have any child that will inherit this money. My relatives are gamblers,selfish and wicked, I do not want in a situation this money will be used  in an ungodly manner. Because of my health condition they abandoned me saying nothing good will come out of me, since I am sick and childless woman but in all i give thanks to the lord because he knows the best. Moreover I and my late husband vowed to use our last wealth to help the poor since we have no child. If You are Honest and Sincere from your Heart to do this goodwill, reply me immediately. All i want is for you to receive this money and accomplish my last will as i want this to be the last thing i did on earth before death comes, so that even in death my soul shall rest in peace.

He who gives to the poor lends to the lord and the lord will reward him for what he has done. My Beloved let us join hands together to help the poor, sick, disabled persons and Homeless so that blessings will be ours while Glory goes to the lord.

I am waiting for your soonest response.
Thanks and God Bless You.

Yours Loving Sister.
Mrs Mary Franson

Monday, July 22, 2019


Loan scams

Hallo geachte klant,

Dit is Simple Federal Credit Union. Wij bieden een lening variërend van 5.000 tot 30.000.000 euro over een periode van 1 tot 30 jaar en met een belang van 3%.
Dus we staan klaar om u te helpen bij particuliere geldverstrekkers / beleggers en bieden zowel persoonlijke leningen, startlening, educatieve / landbouwlening, onroerend goed / bouwlening, onroerendgoedlening, schuldenvrije leningen, verhuur van mobiele woningen, lening met een hard geld, beveiligd / onbeveiligd lening, investeringsfinanciering, Uitbreidingslening, Jv capital / Rehab-leningen, aandelen / herfinancieringsleningen enz. aan geïnteresseerde personen uit welk land dan ook, dient contact met ons op te nemen via e-mail:

Voor-en achternaam:
Lening bedrag nodig:


Sunday, July 21, 2019


419 scams


EFCC in alliance with economic community of West African states(ECOWAS) with head Office here in Nigeria.

 We have been working towards the eradication of fraudsters and scam artists in Western part of Africa With the help of United States Government and the United Nations.

One of the corrupt official administrators Mr Ibrahim Lamorde has been sacked who happen to be the former EFCC chairman.

We have been able to track down so many of this scam artist in various parts of west African countries which includes (NIGERIA, REPUBLIC OF BENIN, TOGO,GHANA CAMEROON AND SENEGAL) and they are all in our custody
here in Lagos Nigeria.

We have been able to recover so much money from these scam artists.

 The United Nations Anti-crime commission and the United State Government have ordered the money recovered from the Scammers to be shared among 100 Lucky people around the globe.

This email is being directed to you because your email address was found in one of the scam artists file on his computer hard disk in our custody here in Nigeria and with the information gathered from this Scam artist,we notice that you have been scammed of so some money and have decided to compensate you with a little token to recover the lost of your fund.

You are hereby being compensated with the total sum of $ 2.5 Million Dollars.

 We have also arrested all those who claim that they are barristers,bank officials, Inheritance, Lottery Agents who have money for transfer or want you to be the next of kin of such funds which does not exist.

Since your name appeared among the 100 lucky beneficiaries who will receive a compensation of US $ 2.5 Million, we have made arrangement to register an Online Banking System through our Global Bank, where you will have full access to your Online Banking Account, to transfer your fund personally to your Private Bank Account with no complication of things or questioning as the Account will be fully registered in your Name.

Feel free to contact the processing officer MR JOHN WILL for the online Banking Processing.

This is made much easier for you to transfer your fund to your private Bank Account personally, to avoid any delay or complications.

 With this Online Banking Transfer Process, you can only transfer the Maximum Amount of $500.000.00 USD daily / install mentally until the total amount of your Compensated / deposited fund is transferred and completely paid to you and also if you choose to recieve your payment VIA ATM CARD it is still accepted so you get back to her with your choice of payment.

So you are advice to contact the processing officer MR JOHN WILL with your provided information required for verification below.

CONTACT PHONE NUMBER: +234-810-110-5085

Provide the information below to enable the procession of your Online Banking Account for deposition of your total compensated fund.


Contact MR JOHN WILL with the information required for verification to enable her start the procession of your Online Banking Account Registration.

We guarantee your safety and wish you the best of luck.

Best Regard,
Mr. Ibrahim Mustafa Magu

Saturday, July 20, 2019


419 scams

Dear partner,

How are you doing my dear, its a great pleasure to meet you. I am Sgt. Maria Fox from the USAF.

I have something important i would wanna discuss with you. I wait your reply for more disussion on this

Maria Fox

Friday, July 19, 2019


419 scams

I am the representative of Mrs. Young Yoon.

Mrs. Young Yoon will love to make a charity donation to an individual,charity organization or company due to the state of her health. She's currently suffering from throat cancer.

Please reply to this message if you are interested in knowing more details about how you can receive Yoon's donation.

I am sending this message to you as instructed by Founder of Young En Yoon Foundation.

With Regards,

Sunghee Jung

Thursday, July 18, 2019


Lottery scams


Good day,I hope the message gets to you on time, You have been chosen to receive
$1,500,000.00 cash
from Publishers Clearing House this month.
Kindly contact us via email with your winning
reference #4/32733/JULY/2019/PCH.

Best Regard
Deborah Holland

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Love scams

Good day my dear.

I hope you enjoyed your day? I am pleased to meet you. My name is Gen Jeffrey Miller i am from England, i line in new jersey and i am a four star general in the U.S army, i work with the UN and i am presently in Syria for a peacekeeping mission , regarding to the war over here and i know you are well of that?

I am sorry to encroach into your privacy in this manner, I only pray at this time that your address is still valid. I found you listed in one of the address directories at the Trade Chambers of Commerce here in Syria.

I am a nice man, honest and caring man with a good sense of humor. I love meeting new people and their lifestyle. I like the new parts of the world, the tranquility of the sea, beautiful mountains and life has to offer. I love movies, reading books, listening to music, see the tears of God in the rain, dance, cooking. but I can be as comfortable as at home ... rolled with a good book by the fire with you by my side.

I'm looking for a real and significant intimate relationship where there is love, passion and romance. I will be happy if you can write to me in my personal email at ,,, or send me your e-mail so I can contact you and tell you more about myself and send you my photos. I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regard
Gen Jeffrey Miller

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


419 scams

Dear Friend,

My name is Anthony Lynch, I am the Chief Accountant of Yorkshire Bank. 30 St
Vincent Place, Glasgow G1 2HL, United Kingdom I require your assistance regarding
the transaction stated here after. I have packaged a financial transaction that will
benefit both of us. As the Chief Accountant of the Yorkshire Bank it is my duty to
send ina financial report to my head office at the end of each quarter.

On the course of last quarter financial report, I discovered that my branch in which
I am the Chief Accountant made six million seven hundred and fifty thousand U.S.
dollars ($6,750.000.00) which my head office is not made aware. This stated amount
accrued from fluctuation of the foreign exchange rate of the Western Union Money
transfer between the U.S. Dollar and the Great British pounds. I have since placed
this fund on what we call SUSPENSE ACCOUNT without any beneficiary.

As an officer of the bank I can not be directly connected to this money, so this
informed my contacting you for us to work together so that you can assist to receive
this money. All I need from you is to stand and receive this fund as the
beneficiary. If you accept this offer to work with me I will appreciate it very
much. As soon as I receive your information response i.e. Telephone number,
Home/office address,Present Location/residence,Age Sex Kind of work and nationality

I will forward details to you on how we can achieve it successfully.
Yours Sincerely,
Mr Anthony Lynch.
Yorkshire Bank. 30 St Vincent Place, Glasgow G1 2HL, United Kingdom

Monday, July 15, 2019


Business scams


We Wish to make some large purchase of your products from your company
Please kindly send us your latest catalog and price list so as to start a new project/order
I would appreciate your response about the above details required so we can revert back to you asap.

Best Regards


International Purchase Department
Imprexis Trade Union co,ltd

Inebolu Sk. No.63/1 Kabatas 34427
Istanbul, Turkey
Contact: +90 326 745 48 00
Fax: +90 212 275 77 99

Sunday, July 14, 2019


419 scams

My Dear Friend,

It is my humble pleasure to solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction.
My name is: Graham Williamson, the financial director of RIX Petroleum Scotland Ltd.
UK. I am the officer in-charge of offshore remittances to contractors /
beneficiaries. We are seeking your assistance to transfer the sum of Thirty Seven
Million, Three Hundred Thousand Dollars (US$37,300,000.00) to your account for
private investment.

This amount accrued from an over-invoiced contract amount for the construction of an
Oil Refinery Sub- stations from 2014 to 2017 to expatriate companies.

The contract was originally valued for One Hundred and Twenty Million United States
Dollar US$120,000,000.00) but we over-invoiced the figure to read $157,300,000.00.
Therefore, we have perfected plans to quickly TRANSFER the extra US$37,300,000.00 to
your bank account.

This contract has been completely executed and the original contractors have been
paid all their contract bills less this $37,300,000.00 through our partner banks in
UK, United States and Europe.

We shall forward your personal details to the legal department of the Bank for the
payment process of the balance US$37.3 Million. Be rest assured that all modalities
are set for smooth execution of this viable transaction.

This transaction is 100% risk free, and requires absolute confidentiality. You must
do this transaction alone!

Awaiting your TOP URGENT Response today.

Best regards,

Mr. Graham Williamson

Saturday, July 13, 2019


419 scams

Dear Beneficiary.


We wish to notify you again that you were listed as a beneficiary to the total sum
of US10,600,000.00 Million (Ten Million Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars)
in the codicil and last testament of the deceased. (Name now withheld since this is
our second letter to you).

We contacted you based on the fact you bear same surname with the deceased man which
makes you eligible to the inheritance. All the legal papers will be processed in
your name.

In your acceptance of this deal, we request that you kindly forward to us your
details such as; your current telephone and a forwarding address to enable us file
necessary documents at our high court probate division for the release of this sum
of money.

Please contact me on this address: for further details.

Yours Faithfully,
Charles Juntikka, LLP.

Friday, July 12, 2019


419 scams



This is to notify you that your case was presented to us and was deliberated upon
Last Monday during the on going National Economic Summit of the Federal Republic of
Nigeria in the presence of the president,Federal Republic Of Nigeria,the Governor
Central Bank of Nigeria and other key economic policy matters.

It was discovered to the dismay of all participants that your payment has been
unnecessarily delayed despite been cleared by the authorized Financial regulatory
bodies. It was discovered that some unscrupulous individuals aiming to frustrating
all your efforts have removed some vital documents from your payment file

However, a 7-man harmonization, normalization, notarization,computerization and
re-documentation committee has been set up to finally perfect all the necessary
documentation to that effect.

After much strict scrutiny on your file, we discovered that some top government
officials in Nigeria especially in banks are working against your interest in this other to collect money from you before transferring of your fund.

We have decided to go into a pact with reputable Banks to settle your payment.and
you are advise to withdraw all correspondence with any office in charged of this
payment, as your fund will be wire to you within the next 48 hours .

You are to contact me immediately for the setting up of your accredited payment
access code number, password and allocation of foreign exchange for your Payment
through your nominated bank.

As soon as you contact me your payment will be processed and approved.You will
either received the amount through Telegraphic Transfer or by a certified
International bank draft from my office. Or You may be able to receive the fund via
Electronic Voice Transmission System (E.v.t.s) This Process will avail you the
opportunity to make the transfer by your self with a presidential seal number for
protection that will be given to you by my office and also confirm your fund in your
account the same day.

If by the end of 24 hours you have not contacted this office WITH YOUR INFORMATION'S

this payment canceled, CONTACT ME VIA THIS EMAIL ADDRESS:( )


Yours faithfully,
Dr. Aliu Mohammed
Payment Advisory Board

Thursday, July 11, 2019


419 scams

214 Broadway, New York,
NY 10038, United States.
Unclaimed Asset/Assets Re-united,
USA International Remittance Department
Tel: +1 (650) 300-8647
Fax: +1 (646) 805-9453
Our Ref: JPMCB/CTB/6x780/19.

Attention Beneficiary
In fight against corruption in the Banking system and in pursuit to re-build a good relationship with foreigners by the President of the United States of America.

We wish to inform you that every files and reports concerning international payment of all the foreign beneficiaries was brought to my office in the Order and instruction of the U.S Department of States and U.S Department of Treasury.

I must confess that i shared tears after seeing your unclaimed and uncompleted transactions, It was a national slap and a disgrace to this Country after noticing that your have paid for all the fee to receive your fund but your funds never got to your bank account because of the selfish interest of the banks and Individuals mandated to transfer and release your fund to your bank account.

The U.S Department of States and U.S Department of Treasury has approved a compensation payment of US$4,500,000.00 in your name which shall be transfer to your bank account through an online, We will create an online bank in your name and you will transfer your fund by yourself through our online to your bank account.
We chose to transfer your fund through an online banking so that no Agency will notice or stop your fund. Sir, you shall receive this compensation fund within 3 working day, if you comply with our instructions and adhere to our directives.
Get back to us with your information as listed below.
Your Full Name:
Phone number:
Age and Occupation:
Next of Kin:
Scan Copy of your identification
Thank you for your mutual understanding and cooperation as we wait to read from you soonest
Yours Faithfully,
Dr. Harold Williams
Tel: +1 (650) 300-8647
Foreign Remittance Department

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


419 scams

My name is Major Robert Brown. I'm an American soldier, am currently still serving
State Army and providing adequate security for the US embassy in Baghdad. I'm
seeking your kind assistance to move the sum of US$14.5Million to you as far as I
can be assured that my share will be safe in your care until I complete my service,
is no stolen money, and there is no danger involved. I'm presently in a hospital
recovering from injuries Sustained in a suicide bomb attack, that took place during
our combat with some ISIS Militant, I have successful move the Fund out of Iraq to
S.A, the fund is currently with a security Company, I am contacting you because you
might be a good fearing citizen of United States that is willing to be involve with
this transaction and I am willing to share the money with you.

I am sending you this email message from the hospital where I am currently admitted
for treatment and you should keep this information confidential between you and me
only. You been wondering how I got your email address I got from USA online yellow
page. Some money in various currencies was discovered in barrels at a farmhouse near
one of Saddam's old palaces in Tikrit-Iraq during a rescue operation while I was
still serving in Iraq some years ago and it was agreed by Sgt. Duff and I that some
part of this money be shared among both of us before informing anybody about it
since both
of us saw the money first. This was quite an illegal thing to do, but I tell you
what? No compensation can make up for the risk we have taken with our lives.

The above figure was given to me as my share, and to conceal this kind of money
became a problem for me, so with the help of a British contact working with us and
his office enjoy some immunity, I was able to move the money to a security company
in SOUTH AFRICA as a diplomatic baggage. They are now waiting for us to provide the
name of beneficiary who they will transfer the funds to. The reason I want you to
claim the funds on my behalf is that as a soldier, I cannot present concrete
evidence on how I made such a big amount of money. The moment I'm sure that you will
assist me, I will let you know where I'm currently receiving treatment and I will
also give you the information of the security company and the security code of the

I want you to tell me how much you will take from this money for the assistance you
will give to me. One passionate appeal I will make to you is not to discuss this
matter with anybody, should you have reasons to reject this offer, please and please
destroy this message as any leakage of this information will be too bad for me. I do
not know how long I will remain here at the hospital, I honestly want this matter to
be resolved immediately, please contact me as soon as possible,

All correspondence must be by my Private mail address E-mail
Thanks for your anticipated co-operation and my regards to your family.
Yours Faithfully,
Major Robert Brown.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


419 scams

Dear Beneficiary
Good Day!

I am contacting you regarding a special cargo that has been abandoned here at our
warehouse for over a period of 2 years and when scanned, it revealed an undisclosed
sum of money in it. From my findings, the cargo originated from Europe and the
content was not declared as money by the consignor in order to avoid diversion by
the shipping agent, and also failure to pay the special cargo non-inspection fee of
US$1200.00 I strongly believe the box will contain about US$2.7 million or more.

In my private search for a reliable person, my proposal now is to present you as the
recipient of the cargo since the shipper has abandoned it which is a possibility due
to the fact it has been abandoned for a period whereby a new beneficiary can be
presented to the clearance department for claim and also my position at this
shipping service. Alternatively, I can personally bring it myself and then we share
the total money in the box equally.

(1) Full Names, (2) Residential Address, (3) Phone Numbers, (4) Fax Numbers: (5)
Email Address, (6) Nationality, (7) Sex, ( Age, (9) Occupation.

Text me or call me now (917 790-5250)

I look forward in hearing from you.

Mr Stewart Douglas

Monday, July 8, 2019


419 scams

2 Walter Carrington Cres, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria
Telephone: +234 (8124) 842 801.

Dear Beneficiary,

I shall be coming to your country for an official meeting on Friday 5th, July 2019 and i shall be bringing your Atm Master Card containing $15.5m along with me but this time i will not go through Custom because as an Ambassador to FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA, I am a US GOVERNMENT AGENT and i have the veto power to go through Custom. As soon as i am through with my meeting i shall then proceed to your registered house address with your Atm Master Card Fund.

Without missing words, I am convinced 100% that you have had bitter experience with various scam claiming to be high government officials and thereby defrauding you of your 'hard-earned money'. The activities of these scam has changed your perspective about conducting business on the internet, and you now believed there is no genuine business that can be conducted on the internet. Well, I am an American and the internet was created by Americans for the purpose of creating awareness for your products/services and conducting genuine business with ease. I am fully committed to deliver the "Atm Master Card" to you at your door step within 48hours in order to differentiate myself from the many Benin Republic, Nigeria and other government officials you have dealt with.

I am a full citizen of the United States, but I was on a Foreign Mission here in NIGERIA as a US Ambassador. Hence, I am making every effort to ensure that no citizen of the United States and other part of the world is cheated by Nigeria, Benin Republic. Therefore, I need your utmost support and understanding to actualize this dream. I also want you to understand that I do trust you and I expect you to show me the same trust and respect in return since trust is a 2-way street. On the other hand, trust is a relationship of reliance. Trust also means being able to predict what other people will do and what situations will occur.

Trust is both an emotional and logical act. Emotionally, it is where you expose your vulnerabilities to people, but believing they will not take advantage of your openness. Logically, it is where you have assessed the probabilities of gain and loss, calculating expected utility based on hard performance data, and concluded that the person in question will behave in a predictable manner. In practice, trust is a bit of both. I trust you because I have experienced your trustworthiness by merely believing in what I have said, even when you have not seen me, and because I have faith in human nature.

Frankly speaking, I understand that anyone in your shoes will feel betrayed, but I still want you to show me your trust by giving me the benefit of doubt on this delivery arrangement. My identity and personality is verifiable, and I promise to deliver the consignment to you safely without any hitch. Your Atm Master Card ($15.5m) MUST BE REGISTERED AS AN AMBASSADORIAL PACKAGE as planned. Do not allow this mission to die off because of $179 US Dollars for the registration fee of your Atm Master Card, I meant so well for you and I believe you will appreciate me more when you have finally received your payment of $15,500.000.00 US Dollars upon my arrival with the package in your country.

I will use my position and personality to deposit the Atm Master Card worth $15.5m USD into your bank account without questioning from the financial monitoring authorities, since all documentations proving the legitimacy of the funds has been processed. Please don't see me as one of the numerous dubious Benin Republic or Nigeria you have dealt with in the past. I am a different person entirely and I come from a different continent. I have the American spirit in me and I hate cheaters. I promise to always uphold the national unity of the United State. Please reply back ASAP and let me know your possibility of sending the $179 US Dollars today. You can send it via Western Union Money Transfer with the below information, please copy the name correctly outline below to avoid mistake.

Account Officer Info: WESTERN UNION Money transfer only.

Receiver's Name:...... AJINA OKUMA.
Country:....... Nigeria.
City:....... Abuja.
Amount:.......$179 US Dollars.

Reference. . . .
Sender's Name. . .
Sender's Address. . .
Sender's Telephone number:......

As soon as you send the fee make sure you send the payment information. My Flight is Friday 5th, July 2019 and i expect you to comply before time then so that the delivery will be completed. If you do not comply, then it will not be my fault if you do not receive your Package.

I hope you will understand and follow my instruction to enable me serve you better.

Ambassador W. Stuart Symington
Telephone: +234 (8124) 842 801.

Sunday, July 7, 2019


419 scams

Donation from Mrs. Evelyn Douglas
Bishop [38 rue des martyrs cocody
Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

My dear beloved one, this is Mrs Evelyn Douglas I am from Estonia. I am married to Mr. Phillip Douglas, who worked with Estonia embassy in Ivory Coast for nine years before he died in 2010. We were married for eleven years without a child. He died after a brief illness that lasted for only four days.

Before his death, both born again Christian. Since his death I decided not to remarry or get a child outside my matrimonial home which the Bible is against. When my husband was alive he deposited the sum of ($ 3.5 million) in the bank here in Abidjan suspense account.

Currently, the fund is still in the bank. Recently, my doctor told me that I have serious sickness which is cancer problem. What disturbs me most is my stroke sickness. Knowing my condition I decided to donate this fund to church or those who utilize this money the way I would recommend here. I want a church that will use this fund for orphanages, widows, to promote the word of God and the effort that the house of God is maintained.

The Bible is for us to understand that blessed is the hand that gives. I took this decision because I do not have any child that will inherit this money and my husband relatives are not Christians and I do not want my husband's efforts to be used by unbelievers. I do not want a situation where this money will be used in an ungodly manner. That's why I'm taking this decision. I'm not afraid of death, so I know where I'm going. I know that I'm going to be in the bosom of man. Exodus 14 vs 14 says that the lord will fight my case and I hold my peace.

In God all things are possible. As soon as I get an answer I will give you contact of the bank here in Abidjan. I want you and the church to always pray for me because the lord is my shepherd. My happiness is that I lived a life worthy Christian. Whoever wants to serve the lord must serve him in spirit and in truth. Always praying for their whole lives.

Reply me for more information's, in your reply will give me room in sourcing another church or person for the same purpose. Let me assure you that they will act accordingly as specified. Hope to get an answer.

Send me the following information, as per below.

Your full name ..........
Address ...........
Age ...............
Phone number ........
The occupation ........
Photo ...............

And if i don't hear from you i will look for another person or any organization.
May Almighty God bless you and use you to accomplish my wish. Pray for me always.
Sister Evelyn Douglas.

Saturday, July 6, 2019


419 scams


Re: Payment instruction to credit your account with the sum of US
$10,500,000.00 Million ???

This is to notify you that your over due contract funds has been gazetted
to be Released,via key telex transfer (KTT) direct wire transfer to you by
the First Trust Bank for foreign over due fund transfer. Meanwhile, a man
wrote to my office yesterday with a letter,claiming to be your True
representative.All Over Due Inheritance/contract Funds.

Here are her information's

Bank's name----- Meta Bank
Bank's address----KS 67217
5501 S. Broadband Ln.Souix Falls, SD
Account Name----Peter Machutta
Account No----70008820737078
Rouing Number-- 073972181

Please, do reconfirm to this office, as a matter of urgency if this man is
from you So that the Bank will not be held responsible for paying into the
wrong account Name. First Trust Bank has been approved and accredited by
the Ministry Of Finance and the Senate House committee for foreign over due
fund,to pay all foreign Over due inheritance funds and contract to
respective original beneficiaries this last quarter Payment of the year
2019.Base the meeting held with the new Director and board of First Trust
Bank on 15/04/2019.

However, we shall proceed to issue all payments details to the said Peter
Machutta, if we do not hear from you within the next seven working days
from today.In order to know you are ready to receive your approved fund,
you are strictly advice to furnish us with the below information for us to
cross check in our payment file if is correct, and after all verifications,
we will then direct you on how to contact Legal department for your fund
Transfer direct your account.

1. Your Full Name:
2. Address:
3. Home/Cell Phone:
4. Age and Marital Status:
5. occupationa
6. Account Details
7. Any Identification like Int'l Passport/Driver License:
8. your full bank account information

We expecting your urgent response to this email to enable us monitor this
payment effectively.

Your Sincerely,

Mr.Ernest Ebi.
Pay-Master General
First Trust Bank UK
International Operations
Debt Reconciliations/Payment

Friday, July 5, 2019


419 scams

Dear Winner,

We are grateful to inform you that your E-mail address eventually
entered our 2019 online promotion that won you $3.500,000.00 and
"2019 Mercedes-Benz GLA 450" instantly Congratulations. Kindly
respond by filling these information below for claiming






Claim Agent- Charles Conroy.
Agent Charles Conroy
Orlando Florida USA.
Tel:(518) 241-3489
Mercedes Benz Lottery Inc.

Mercedes-Benz GMBH

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Thursday, July 4, 2019


419 scams


Attention Beneficiary

This is to bring to your notice that I am delegated from the United
Nations to Central bank of Nigeria to pay 100 Nigerian 419 scam
victims $2.8 Million each, you are listed and approved for this payments as
one of the scammed victims,get back to as soon as possible for the
immediate payments of your $2.8 Million compensations funds.
On this faithful recommendations,I want you to know that during the
last UN meetings held at Abuja,Nigeria,it was alarmed so much by the
rest of the world in the meetings on the lose of funds by various
foreigners to the scams artists operating in syndicates all over the
world today,in other to retain the good image of the country,the
president of the country is now paying 100 victims of this operators
$2.8Million USD each,Due to the corrupt and inefficient banking
systems in Nigeria,the payments are to be paid by Central bank of
Nigeria as corresponding paying bank under funding assistance by the
Saudi Arabia British Bank London.

According to the number of applicants at hand,80 beneficiaries has
been paid ,half of the victims are from the United States,we still
have more 20 left to be paid the compensations of $2.8 Million each.
Your particulars was mentioned by one of the syndicates who was
arrested in Lagos Nigeria as one of thief victims of the
operations,you are hereby warned not to communicate or duplicate this
message to him for any reason what so ever,the US secret service is
already on trace of the criminal.

For more vital information,please visit:

You can receive your compensations payments via any of the both
options you choose, DRAFT PAYMENTS or WIRE TRANSFERS,I shall feed
you with further modalities as soon as I hear from you.(Please in your
return mail, include your telephone no)
When we have receive your responds, we will kindly give you the
contact office of the Central Bank Apex, where you are going to Send
a copy of your request to enable them start processing your payment
immediately.Please reply this email to my private email box below for
security reason ;

Yours faithfully,


Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Lotto scams

Gillian and I won Jackpot on the 10/08/2012, And we did lots of charity donation before we divorced,

After our separation, I continued with the charity works and also did some investment on real estate business.

To fulfill my promise on giving to others in need i decided to continue with this charity work.

am donating $2,000,000 each to 5 lucky people this Month and you are One of the lucky recipients.

Contact me on ( For More Info.


Adrian Bayford.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019



NOTE: If you received this message in your SPAM/BULK folder, that is because of the restrictions implemented by your Internet Service Provider, we (BMW) urge you to treat it genuinely.

Dear Winner,

This is to inform you that you have been selected for a prize of a brand new 2019 Model BMW X6 and a Check of $500,000.00 USD from the international balloting programs held on the 5th section in the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA.

Description of prize vehicle;Model: 530iA Color (exterior): Metallic Silver Mileage: 5 Transmission: Automatic 6 Speed

Options: Cold weather package, premium package, fold down rear seats w/ski bag, am fm stereo with single in dash compact disc player.

The selection process was carried out through random selection in our computerized email selection system (ESS) from a database of over 250,000 email addresses drawn

from all the continents of the world which you were selected.

The BMW Lottery is approved by the British Gaming Board and also Licensed by the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR). To begin the processing of your

prize you are to contact our fiduciary claims department for more information as regards procedures to the claim of your prize.

Name : Maggiva nueter
Email :

Contact him by providing him with your secret pin code Number

You are also advised to provide him with the under listed information as soon as possible:

1. Name In Full :
2. Residential Address :
3. Nationality :
4. Age :
5. Sex
6. Occupation :
7. Direct Phone :
8. Present Country :
9. Email address :
10.Pin code Number BMW:255125HGDY03/23

Please you are to provide him with the above listed details as soon as possible so he can begin with the processing of your prize winnings.

Congratulations again from all our staff and thank you for being part of our promotional program.

Mrs. Rachel Adams.


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  This email and any attachments may contain information that is confidential and privileged. It is intended to be received only by persons entitled

to receive the information. If you are not the intended recipient, please delete it from your system and notify the sender. You should not copy it or use it for any

purpose nor disclose or distribute its contents to any other person.

Monday, July 1, 2019


Love scams

Hello!!! It's again me, Elizaveta!!! I was born in Russia, in Taganrog, Rostov region. I have never been registered in social networks, because it is not interest= ing to me! My best friend advised me to use the services of a Dating Agency and we dec= ided to visit this Agency!! An employee of the Agency showed me a few profiles and I decided to write t= o you. I don't know how or where they get their information! For me this is the first dating experience on the Internet! I am very glad that now we can have a dialogue! I want to tell you right away what I'm looking for in a man. I look forward to your honesty and respect because I am looking for love an= d sincere relationship. For me it is important that the man was kind, attentive and responsive. I think you have these qualities!=20 I want to tell you a little about myself. Now I live in Russia, in my hometown of Taganrog. I want to inform you that I have never been married and had no children! I hope you understand me and my English well. I studied English from a very young age! If you do not understand me, you c= an use the services of an translator! My height is 167 cm, weight 48 kg.=20 I have a good sense of humor. I think you can see it in the future. I was born on August 17, 1986. I'm 32. My zodiac sign Leo. What horoscope sign are you? I will be glad to answer your questions. I am very interested to know more about you, your life and the interests of= the country in which you live. I will wait for your letter and I am interested to see your photo! Sincerely, Elizaveta!