Friday, July 4, 2014


Mystery Shopper Scam


We are accepting applications from qualified individuals from all-over the world to become Secret-Shopper. There is no charge to become a shopper and you do not need previous experience.

After you sign up, you will have access to training materials from us.Should you interested, your wages would be US $300 per assignment.No commitment is made on this job and you would have flexible hours.At least 2 evaluations a week will be assigned to you because this is
a part time job and we think this job suits you. We will provide you the money for all of your evaluations.

Your survey will be at any WAL-MART / MONEY GRAM / WESTERN UNION outlet location of your choice and you are to give a report back to us

I)How long it took you to complete the shopping and report on service, quality of product

ii) Name of the agent / his or her attitude towards customers.

iii)Poor working skills and customer relation

iv) Slow services and cleanliness of the establishment

Cashier's check/Payment would be in a certain amount which you would be required to Cash at your Bank, then deduct your salary and have the rest used for the evaluation at the store that would be given to you for evaluations.

Provide the following information if you interested and we will get back shortly with an your assignment.

* Your Name (first/last):

* Your Physical Address:

* City, State, & Zip Code:

* Phone Numbers(cell/home):

* Occupation:

* Age:

We are waiting your good response,

Thank you.