Sunday, May 27, 2012


419 scams

Dear Friend,

I understand that through the Internet is not the best way to link up with
you because of the confidentiality which my proposal demands due to Crisis
we have in Middle East.

I worked as a financial adviser to Ben Ali. Coincidentally, an investor
who is associated to the deposed Tunisian President (Ben Ali) approached
me seeking my expertise in investing US$69 million discretely in diverse

I have one concern / dilemma, which is “the origin of this investor funds
is of concern to me”. This is why I have decided to contact you for this
because my
name is already associated with our past ruler.All we need now is your
urgent assistance in claiming this fund in a very Legitimate and
confidential process.What will be your share of this funds will be put on
the table for discussion and will be agreed if it is okay for us.This
investor would like to invest this funds in profitable projects based on
your advise and will look into whatever you suggest.You might be wondering
how I got your email?I got it from a random search which I did on the
internet based on your locality.About this investor: He is a 42 years old
man. His name is Samirh, his father was the Private financial secretary to
Ben Ali (The Ousted Tunisian president).
If you would be happy to receive funding from this investor, please
indicate by return email and we can discuss on the modalities of getting
funded through this investor as I assure you of a risk free transaction.
Thank you.

Moussa Zeeva Salim.