Tuesday, July 7, 2015


419 scams

Attn: Beneficiary

Congratulation for this update as you are advised to adhere to this directives

Dear sir,

Good day and i am happy to let you know that your name has been
approved amount the beneficiary due to received his long awaited
approved payment through the ongoing Transparent certified
international cheque payment.

Please note: Reference to the meeting held this morning among members
of my organization here.,we have resolve to release this fund to
you through a certified bank cheque. which will be delivered to your
door step upon the confirmation of your willingness to work with us,
so you are here by advised to confirm and indicate your willingness to
receive your cheque with in 5working days excluding weekends.

This is due to several complaints as a result of past ugly experience
from some fraudulent officials. so You are henceforth advice to
contact the name below for the immediate release of your bank cheque.

Ensure you regularly update me for directives.

Please do so quickly and get back to me.

Contact details as follows:

Director, Check issuance Unit
Common Wealth & United Nations
Sweepstakes Compensation exercise Award 2015
Email: tgrta777@gmail.com