Sunday, July 5, 2015


419 scams


Good day to you and how are you doing with members of your family? My name is Sgnt. Muhamed Akeem, I am one of the Muammar Gaddafi`s loyalist who crossed over to Niger Republique, we have in our possessions Gold and Cash in Euros and Dollars drawn from Central Bank of Libya, Sirte Branch. We are currently in some parts of West African States through Niger Republic, we later transloaded through their Northern border with Niger Republique but was told by the government to leave their country, so we transloaded the treasures to Benin Republique and went back to our provided quarters in Niger Republique.

The Niger Government were preventing us from making further move to any other country as we may face the World court any time but our main objectives is to secure our treasures first for the sustainment of members of our family, we have thousands of killos of 24 karat, pure Gold in bars and Dust and Suit case of funds in Euros and Dollars. The cash are in crates of Millions.

We have succeeded in transloading the treasures to Benin Republique, we need your help and cooperation in this matter for safe keeping of the treasures, our appointed lawyer in Benin will register some quantities of these treasures in your name on neutral grounds without linking to us. you will take 40% for safe keeping, while 60% of the quantities trusted in your hands would be released to memebers of our family in the future, we can not bank them by ourselves in any country for security reasons as to avoid seizure or confiscation by Law.

We do not need any kind of person in this transaction, All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us achieve this transaction as we are tightly avoiding spies. We are having the help of a trusted lawyer in Benin Republique and he will help you secure all the legal documents to safe guard the treasures in your names without breaching the law whatsoever, There is no risk attached or involve in this this transaction, we are in a safe location watching what could be of our fate as the day advances.

How i wish you could assist us in receiving this treasures and also help me in the investment in your country as my major wish is to trade in oil and gas or have an estate in your country. I will need to hear from you as soon as possible in order to link you up with our lawyer in Benin Republique so that he can start processing the legal documentation.

kindly get back to me with your interest for further details.

Sgnt.Muhamed Akeem.