Sunday, July 19, 2015


419 scams

Attn Sir/Madam
 My name is Mr Isidro Gomez, executive member and director for finance El
 Gordo Spanish Lottery company. I got your contact while searching for a
 reliable and trustworthy person who will assist me and three others
 executive members to claim the sum of €10.5 Million.

 On the 22nd of December,2010 ticket number 73.144 won the second price of
 the El Gordo Spanish Lottery,known as Lotería de Navidad since then the
 lucky winner whereabouts could not be traced and nobody have come for
 claim for over 5 year now. Loteria law in Spain states that at the end of
 every five years, any unclaimed winning fund will be counselled and
 return back to Spanish treasury as unclaimed.

 We have been notified by the ministerio de economia y haicienda to remit
 the sum of €10.5m into the treasury account of the spanish government as
 unclaimed befor 22nd December ,2015 if nobody come for a claim.Base on
 this notification, myself and three other colleague decided to contact
 you, to present you as the beneficiary/claimant of ticket Nº 73.144. We
 have agreed on 70/30 percent sharing at the end of this transaction, 70%
 for us,while 30% for your kind assistance.

 Every arrangement has been made for smooth conclusion of this pending
 deal. Be rest assured that I and my colleagues are on top of the situation
 all the time and there will be no risk, needless to say, Uttermost
 CONFIDENTIALITY is of vital importance if we are to successfully reap the
 immense benefits of this transaction.I have intentionally left out the
 final details for now until I hear from you.

 To affirm your willingness and cooperation to my proposal, Do let me have:

 kindly acknowledge the receipt of this letter as soon as possible via my
 private EMAIL .( or call (+34 662-440-171) and
 treat with absolute confidential and sincerity.

 We shall inform you on the next step as soon as we received response.

 I look forward to your swift response.

 Mr Isidro Gomez