Thursday, January 19, 2017


419 scams

Attention Dear,

I am happy today to inform you that the whole fees holding your consignment from getting to your given house address has been paid by Government of Benin Republic. All your informations to mail the consignment to you has been given to the DHL Courier Company. We have registered the parcel with the DHL Courier Company long time now as a damage jeans returning to the retailer, the consignment has accumulated a demurage of $115.00 Dollars that is only thing holding your consignment from getting to your house now. So i am advising you today if you really want to receive your consignment, try and send this fee of $115.00 Dollars today so that the consignment will leave the Country first thing tomorrow morning and arrive your house address a day after tomorrow.

Try your best to send this $115.00 Dollars through Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram today with this bellow information;

Receiver's name... Jude Iked
Country.. Benin Republic
City .. Cotonou
Text Question..Color?
Text Answer...Green
Amount $115.00 Dollars

Update us with the MTCN number and the name of the sender and address after the payment. I guarantee you, no more delay after this fee. All necessary things regarding this delivery has been perfected. So try and send the $115.00 Dollars within 2 hours from now.

Waiting to hear from you soon.

Yours Faithfully,
FBI DIRECTOR BUREAU ( Hon. James B. Comey )
Contact email: (
Phone Number +229-95720529