Saturday, January 28, 2017


419 scams

United States Investigations Services (USIS)
 7799 Leesburg Pike
 Suite 1100 North
 Falls Church, VA 22043

 Compliment of The Day,


 I am Mitch Lawrence the Vice President, Security and Counterintelligence (CI) for
 United States Investigations Services (USIS) in alliance with Economic Community of
 West African states (ECOWAS) with the head Office in Nigeria. With the help of the
 United States government and the United Nation, we have been working towards the
 eradication of Internet fraudsters and scam artists around the globe, western part
 of Africa to be precise.

 However, it has been revealed that there's no fund in your name anywhere in the
 world, if you have been receiving e-mails from Banks, Compensation Office, Lottery,
 Inheritance funds e.t.c., you're therefore advise to ignore such e-mails they are
 impostor/fraudster trying to rip you off your hard earn money and if you're in
 communication with any person or office claiming that your funds is with them, we
 also advise you to stop/seize further communication and transaction with such person
 immediately, they are all liars and thieves. Also you're order to forward such
 emails to this office to help aid the arrest of this fraudsters and impostors.

 We have been able to track down so many of this scam artist in various part of west
 Africa countries which includes (NIGERIA, REPUBLIC OF BENIN, TOGO, GHANA CAMERON AND
 SENEGAL), they are all in the custody of the Nigeria government, also huge amount of
 money was recovered from the scam artists. In reference to this, meeting was held
 between the United Nation, United States government and the African Union in Abuja
 the federal capital of Nigeria and agreement was reached that scam victims will be
 compensated with the money recovered from those scam artist that are in custody of
 the Nigeria Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the United States
 Secret Agent (USSA) in Nigeria.

 Note this e-mail is been directed to you because during our investigations, your
 email address was found in one of the scam Artists file and computer hard disk in
 our custody. In reference to this regards, you will be compensated with the sum of
 US$6,800,000.00 (Six Million Eight Hundred United State Dollars). Meanwhile, the
 Ecowas has requested for an evidence proving that you are a victim of a scam. In
 reference to this regards the USIS have appointed a United State base Attorney
 (Henry J. Laurens) here in the State to advocate on your behalf and provide the
 requested evidence to process the payment approval for your fund to be release to

 IMPORTANT NOTICE: The only fee you're to pay to the Attorney is the consultancy fee
 $325.00 only for procurment of the legal evidence.

 Kindly verify your details to Barrister Henry J. Laurens to enable him process and
 secure evidence to aid release of your payment to you, also make sure your details
 and residential address are provided correctly to avoid any atom of mistake and
 delay during the process.

 (1) Your Full Name: ...................
 (2) Full Residential Address:.......... (P.O.BOX NOT ALLOWED)
 (3) Direct Phone Number: ..............
 (4) Valid ID Card: ....................

 CONTACT PERSON: Barrister Henry J. Laurens
 TEL: +1 (571) 210-3590

 As soon as he received your details, the processing to aid the release of your
 compensation refund will be facilitated immediately.

 Treat as urgent!


 Mitch Lawrence
 Vice President, Security and Counterintelligence
 United States Investigations Services (USIS)