Wednesday, August 21, 2013


419 scams

Greetings My Dear,

I am Mrs.Esther Kalo from Sierra-Leone married to Mr. Williams Kalo, he was dealing on Gold and Diamond, who died of cancer leaving me and my only son Ken who is 7 years now, and before his death he deposited (£12.2Million) in one of the reliable bank in United Kingdom

Since the death of my husband, his brothers have been seriously chasing me around with constant threats, trying to suppress me so that they might have the documents of his landed properties and confiscate them. They have successfully collected all his properties, yet they never stopped there, they told me to surrender all bank accounts of my late husband, which I did, but I never disclose to them of this deposit. Because my husband made the deposit in a suspense fixed account with a clause attached to it for onward transfer into a foreign account.

Now that the situation is becoming uncontrollable because of pressure on me from the family members, which I will no longer like to take more risk am staying here in United Kingdom with my only son who is just Seven year old, I am now soliciting for your help to stand as my foreign business partner to receive the fund into your account. You will help me to invest the money into real estate once I come over there with my son.

So if you accept to be my partner to receive the fund in your account, get back to me for more details.

May God bless you
Esther Kalo