Thursday, August 8, 2013


419 scams

Re: Investment of Mutual Benefits Proposal

 I am Kuen Yang, a staff of Hong Leong Bank, Hong Kong. I humbly request your assistance. An investment was placed under my management 12 years ago by a customer who is deceased. I need your assistance in investing these funds. If you're interested, then reply this e-mail for further details.

Kuen Yang

Dear Greetings,
My name is Mrs.Aicha Shareef, from Republic of Libya a widow. I have been recently been diagnosed of Cancer of the pelvis and the doctor says that I have just few days to leave, I am writing from my sick bed. I have an important message for you and more details about the money that you late husband left behind, I want to transfer to your bank account for charity donations because we have no chide, and please it's urgent. Best regards to you and your family, Mrs.Aicha shareef.