Thursday, August 1, 2013


419 scams

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am representing a small group of investors from South Africa, who are interested in overseas investment in your country, involving large volume of funds, for which they seek your participation as their overseas representative.

The civil service regulations here, prohibit them from getting involved in private business, while under government employment, hence this proposal to you, in view of your impressive profile.

However, we are aware that several propositions like this over the internet, end up to be fraudulent initiatives, whereupon the unsuspecting victim has his or her hopes built extraordinarily high, after which they eventually loose morale and confidence as a result of failed expectations. In light of this therefore, we shall carry you along with all the processes, from inception to actual transfer of the investment funds in your country. I represent very honorable people, and our words and promises must be backed by action, to make you feel confident that you are dealing with decent people.

I am willing to give you a proper knowledge of my person, as is appropriate for a transaction like this.

If you feel disposed towards the solicited role, please indicate by prompt response, so that I may provide you further details of the transaction, and also let you know what will be coming to you as remuneration for your solicited role. After that we shall then come to an understanding concerning the prospective areas of investment in your domain, that will be conducive for investors of foreign descent.

Given the fact that my associates have relatively only academic knowledge of your country, you should therefore have a basic expectation of the kind of role that will also be required of you, after the funds transfer has been done. Bear in mind however, that this is a legitimate transaction, and the only reason why strict privacy is advised, is that the result of restrictions of the civil service laws in South Africa.

I look forward to your prompt response.

Yours Truly,
Roland Bathez.