Wednesday, June 5, 2013


419 scams


We got an email been forwarded From Mr. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi,Governor
Of the Central bank of Nigeria attached with your address for the
delivery of your consignment and it is well noted but you are still
required to send the name of your nearest airport to perfect the

I am a senior staff working under the United Nation here at the
Airport as an assistance director inspection unit and my duty here is
to protect people’s goods and belongings and also to deliver abandoned
consignment to the beneficiaries.

Now that I have received your mail and confirmed that you are the
rightful beneficiary of this two abandoned boxes, what is holding the
delivering of this consignment to your address is for you to pay the
known inspection charge of $750 only and I was not trained to pay this
money on behalf of the beneficiaries and I am not allowed to share any
percentage with the owner of the consignment because my office is a
very sensitive office and if I try to go contrary to the rules I will
lose my job, so I am not here to take any bribe from you rather I will
make sure that I discharge and perfect my duty by delivery your
consignment to your address once you pay the none Inspection charge.

Your consignment is not illegal consignment and there is no other
charges that is holding your consignment except the Non inspection
charge of $750, so I advise you to go ahead and send the non
inspection charge to Nigeria where the consignments were departed with
the below information and forward the payment information and I will
let you know the date and time of the delivery of your consignment to
your address.

Your phone number was requested for the purpose of communication while
coming to your address so I advise you to send your telephone number
along with the payment information for easy delivery of your
consignment, Please note that you are required to provide to us the
none inspection charge receipt of $750 which you are to make available
to this office to prove that you are done in Nigeria where the
consignments were dispatched.

Receivers Name:==== James Ibe
Location:======= Lagos Nigeria

Please your Direct Telephone number is Required and contact the
officer in charge in Nigeria for further directions.234-8080789943
(Mr.Mark Maxwell)(e-mail:,so that he can
reach you for more information, I wait to hear from you urgently if
you are still alive.

David John
Assistance Inspection Director
Of Hare International Airport Chicago USA.