Thursday, June 27, 2013


419 scams


 My Name is Major Mary Sasu Banks, I am a US marine and your
 name was recommended by my former colleague that you are a very good
 and honest man and I believed it. I am writing to you to propose a
 business adventure to you. I have the sum of $7.8million dollars to
 invest in a business. The fund is already in London and its awaiting
 clearance from the Security Company. It is packaged in a seal box.

 You are entitling to 30% of the total amount, if you agreed to help me
 secure the fund.It might sound outrageous for me to suggest this
 proposal to you but you are highly recommended and that is why I have
 come to trust you. Issues like this come one in our life time and I
 believe it’s not a mistake that we have come to know each other.

 Please I will not like to disclose more, until you confirm your
 interest to this matter. Meanwhile I will send you my picture and
 other related memorandum of understanding for this transaction in my
 next mail to you.

 Waiting for your reply.

Dear Partner,

I have a business proposal for you so contact me for details.

Mrs. Juan Manchu

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are United Arab Emirates based investment group expanding our portfolio globally through supporting individual and private corporate projects in form of a debt-financing, short and long-term loan.

It will be our pleasure to support you in any viable project initiative within our scope of funding.

Our clear and precise terms of ROI (Return On Investment) will be provided to you as soon as we receive your project/investment presentation.

 Best Regards,

 Derek Rozycki
 Structured Finance & Capital Markets
 Mubadala Small Loan Financing,
 Dubai- United Arab Emirates