Friday, June 14, 2013


419 scams

Good-day to you/Assalamualikum , can you handle large quantity supplies contracts to Iraq ?Has your company ever participated in supply contract jobs before and after the war in Iraq ,if you have can you send your company registration papers ?If you have not then this an opportunity for you.We are very much interested in your products.

MORAD (Ministry of Re-construction and Development) is saddled with the responsibility of sourcing for companies from around the world to supply various Government Establishment including Government-sponsored Multipurpose Co-operative Markets/Malls set up all over Iraq under the Iraq Development Program. This responsibility is required to be carried out transparently.Iraq's Developmental Program is worth a stunning $100 billion - making it one of the biggest anywhere in the world - and is set to expand further, as more contracts are signed and projects drawn up. Frenzied activities surround hundreds of projects, worth billions of dollars, and spanning every single sector of Iraq's rebounding economy. Iraq's liberal, open markets - almost entirely free of restrictions - are helping construction sector activity.

Meanwhile, more leading manufacturers and suppliers from across the globe are seizing lucrative slices of Iraq's growing markets,and in doing so are helping positively to forge the future of the country. Benefits from all Iraqi sectors are set to increase further.The country's revenue generation potential - bolstered by abundant oil and other resources, as well as the long-term commitment of global donors to the rebuilding effort - is enormous. It can rival all other major regional economies. Despite the present security situation,many businesses are already successfully gaining strong foot-hold in the large under-developed and investment-hungry market.We at the MORAD (Ministry of Re-construction and Development) have partnered with the Iraq Government in this re-construction.Products needed in Iraq are wide as i speak are a lot heavy duty machinery,heavy and armored duty vehicles/trucks,furniture ,drugs,food,steel,communication equipments,info tech equipments (hardware and software)agricultural equipments, both heavy duty ,oil servicing equipments,food , construction equipments etc.As rebuilding of Iraq is ongoing your expertise would highly needed in different parts of the economy as rebuilding is vast and wide.

Further more as my job entails sourcing reputable firms/companies that can measure up with these supply contracts i have immediately forwarded same information to my boss Dr Sinan Al-Mansour (he is in charge of vetting the companies and making sure they meet all mandatory requirements on behalf of the Iraq governments) for the registration of your company as a supplier/vendor with the command. We are working to get the Government to award supply of your products to Iraq for a commission to us. Once i have all your detailed information I shall step up discussions once again with the procurement officer .A copy of this mail and all information sent to me should also be forwarded to Dr Sinan Al-Mansour with email : please do send him a mail with the following information:

1)Name of your company.
2)Company website.
3)Contact email.
4)Contact person.
5)Type of products/services.
6)Company address.
7)Contact person telephone and fax numbers.
8)Company telephone and fax numbers.

Also all correspondence with Dr Sinan Al-Mansour should be forwarded to me as well. I await your response.Thank you.

Kind regards,
Ali Omar