Thursday, June 13, 2013


Lotto scams

Dear e-mail user,

 This is a personal email directed to you.

 I and my wife (Adrian And Gillian Bayford) won a Euro-Millions Jackpot
 Lottery of 148-Million Pounds Sterling from the Euro-Millions August result
 that was released. We have decided to donate the sum of 420,000 Great British
 Pounds Sterling to you as part of our own charity work to improve the life of
 4 lucky individuals all over the world.All you have to do is to contact Dr.
 Wyatt Benjamin so that he can send you details on how you can receive your

 You can verify this via the two link below.

 For verification process we advise you send us the below details:

 1. Full Name:
 2. Age:
 3. Location:
 4. Nationality:
 5. Contact Number :
 6. Occupation :

 Note, Forward details to Dr. Wyatt Benjamin via for

 Adrian And Gillian Bayford