Saturday, June 22, 2013


Loan scams

Avez-vous besoin d'un prêt commercial? ou un prêt personnel? LA FONDATIONS MARTIN EBNER vous offre à la fois des prêts entreprises et des prêts personnels à taux d'intérêt de 1,5 selon les critères suivants
 Choix du montant : à partir 100.000 ? minimum
 Choix de la durée de remboursement : 3 ans minimum
 1,5 % de TEG annuel fixe selon le montant et la durée du prêt
 LA FONDATIONS MARTIN EBNER veut vous faire profiter . Si vous
 êtes intéressé
 par notre emprunt contactez-nous à l'émail suivant:



 Do you need a commercial loan? or a personal loan? The FONDATIONS MARTIN EBNER offers to you at the same time loans undertaken and personal loans with interest rate of 1.5% according to the following criteria

 Choice of the amount: to leave 100,000.00 € minimum
 Choice of the duration of refunding: 3 years minimum
 1,5% of annual TEG fix according to the amount and the duration of the loan

 THE FONDATIONS MARTIN EBNER wants to make you profit. If you are interested by our loan contact

 the E-mail:


Product scams

Dear Supplier,

My name is Martin Eze . I am a government accredited commission agent, looking for manufacturers in your field, whose products are certified as good quality products. We need different kinds of products that you offer, and you can reach us for effective and efficient business.  Please furnish us with full details of the standards of your products.

We will appreciate it more, if you give us detailed specification, website, and price lists. Also, we would like to know of your payment terms and the difference when we place a large order. Your prompt and detailed response will be appreciated. I await your prompt response.

Agent:Mr. Martin Eze .
419 scams