Tuesday, April 22, 2014


419 scams

Dear Beneficiary,

My name is Mr. Daniel Smith . I'm the vice Chairman of the International
Investigations and Anti Fraud Task Force, For African Region 2014. Sir, we the
entire delegates of the above office flew into Lagos city of Nigeria recently
because of numerous complaints filed against Nigerian government on their
inability to pay foreign beneficiaries

Inheritance, Contracts and Compensatory funds into their respective banks
accounts even after they must have collected all required transfer fees from
these foreign beneficiaries.

This is the reason why we were mandated by the United Nations (US) and the
international Monetary Fund (IMF) to fly into West Africa and rectify these
problems by making sure foreign beneficiaries receive their long over due funds

fund without making further upfront payment(s). From the time we came into
Nigeria, we have been able to repatriate some funds that was wrongly diverted
into different bank accounts abroad by the bad eggs in the Nigerian banks and
ministries. Further more ,from your file here on my table I\'m so surprised that
you have
not received your payment up till

this moment as from what I saw in your file, you have complied with all the
transfer documents that shows and proved your legitimacy as the beneficiary of
this fund. We signed a memorandum of understanding with the Nigerian govt to pay
off all certified foreign beneficiaries from our own liquidity (Available Funds)
in our UN / EU

controlled bank in UK, and we will debit the Nigerian government and recover our
money from same through their crude oil.

Finally, Are you still alive and healthy? If you are still alive, you are
required to immediately respond to this mail, so that we will send to you our
payment transfer form to fill in correctly in other to receive your fund in

your choice bank account.

Mr. Daniel Smith.
Vice Chairman,
Anti-fraud Intl.,
Presently in Lagos Nigeria, West Africa.