Tuesday, March 18, 2014


419 scams

Dear Beloved One,

May the peace of the lord be unto you and your family. Please accept my apology for writing you this message soliciting for your honest cooperation on my last dying wish without knowing you or met you before. I will admit am pressurized because of my health condition.

I am Karina Gallardo an Italian nationality who lived at 22 Grosvenor Street Mayfair London, am 65 years old widower married to late Mr. Clifford Gallardo a reputable major contractor with AFC Energy PLC and few other energy companies here in United Kingdom. We had no children but was planning to adopt 1 or 2 children from the orphanage, but unfortunately his untimely death and my health situation could not permit that.

I am suffering from a protracted cancer of the lungs and have couple of months to live, though I am still undergoing Radiation therapy at Spire Healthcare Holborn London.

In 2008 my late husband successfully completed a major contract with AFC Energy PLC valued ?2.8 million GBP and was deposited with Barclays Bank bearing my names as the next of kin.

During the period my late husband health got worst, he made me promised that the fund will be used for charity and humanitarian purpose hence we had no children and he wouldn't allow his wayward brothers inherit it. I made this promise before his death and that is what I want to accomplish now and that is the reason why I am contacting you after hearing from my doctor last week that I have just few more months to live.

Based on trust, I will want to present you to the Bank as my next of Kin and inheritor to the fund. I have made my intensions clearly known to my family lawyer and Barclays Bank, and they are ready to render their financial services as soon as I present my next kin/Inheritor.

Please! Please!! Your help is needed to avoid the fund from being tagged as unclaimed fund/dormant account and finally diverted to the British Government account.

I implore you to be part of this project and God will highly reward you. You will be entitled to 20% of the fund, while 80% will be used for Charity & Humanitarian purpose in any country you deem wise.

If you agree to this offer, kindly send me the required information below to enable me validate you as the legal beneficiary of this fund, while my family lawyer will go ahead to prepare a Legal Change of Ownership& Rights.



3. AGE:

4. SEX:




A clear copy of your international passport, ID card or Driver's license.

Your urgent response will be highly appreciated. More comprehensive details will be giving to you as soon as I receive your response.

Thank you for your anticipating cooperation.

God bless you.

Karina Gallardo.

I salute you with love and peace, I love to make friends not withstanding the colour difference and ethnicity or age, nevertheless I want to introduce my self to you, I’m Rebbeca Hush, female, single and I’m presently in the United States Of America, My parents are Oil merchants and exporters residing in Ivory Coast but they where attacked and killed by rebels during the war in Ivory Coast, My Late Father made a fix deposit with one of the commercial banks in Republic of Ivory Coast before his sudden death, I need your assistance to move this fund to your Country for investments, I will give you more details about me and the amount involve in my next email to you, I’m looking forward for your response