Saturday, March 22, 2014


419 scams

Hello dear, good morning
How are you and your family ? I hope you're fine and in good health i pray.
Please I want to discuss with you some issues about me personally, also i need your advise reply after reading this my letter to you,

My name is Miss Jenna, I am from Republic of Mauritania country,
My father recently passed away, after suffered kidney failure, he is an estate building contractor in our country.
I would want to live in your country for my better future. because my father same blood brother whom i took as my uncle wanted to frustrate me because my father is no longer alive, he threatened my life of which I'm not safe to continue live with such wicked person, he always threaten me with bad words, to extend he took my father land documents without my knowledge and unite with local land agents and they sold my father land, my father bought these land for his farm project.

This my Uncle want to force me into undecided marriage, so that i will leave my father home and went and live with another man in his arrangement for him to occupied all my father home and sold it. but he don't know that i am not interesting in any of my father properties, because i still has future to think about.

Please keep this Issue am telling you now secret to your self and to me only till i leave this country and come to your country. I honestly need your true assistance because my late father has cash money he deposit in a bank outside my country, Only me and him know about this money and all the deposit documents of this money is with me now and the money is in Euro currency money worth millions of euro money.
Please I will be happy if you can volunteer time and come and see the documents by your self and for us to know each other well, then we travel together to the country my father deposited all his money and we meet the bank director face to face and tell him to transfer all my father money to your bank account in your country,

But If you don,t have chance to come now, you please let me know so that I will present you to the bank as trust family friend i would want them to transfer all my father money to your bank account in your country for my future investment which will be under your control until I finished my education in your country.

Please help me, I am sincere to you and i want you to take me as your own person and lead me to better future. I want to be member of your family and to live and invest in better country for my safety and future.

Please help me, I have all the original deposit documents the bank issue to my father.
Moreover, I am willing to offer you some money from this total money which we will discuss when we meet. I will stop here and i will be waiting for your reply and feel free ask any thing you want to know about me. please write me back to my private email address at
Waiting for your message.
From Jenna