Friday, March 21, 2014


419 scams

On this 16th day of March, 2014, this department of the United Nations (United Nations Compensation Commission)
wish to announce the release of your pending compensation payment. Your organization will receive the sum $2.7million.

This payment was first approved on the 24th of January 2013.

The United Nations Compensation Commission made available approximately $1.3 billion to Governments towards the
Commission's two remaining claims with outstanding balances. With this payment, the Compensation Commission has
paid out $40.1 billion of its total awarded amount of $52.4 billion to over 100 Governments and international
organizations for distribution to 1.5 million successful claimants in all claim categories, leaving approximately
$12.3 billion remaining to be paid.

For claim support, contact the UNOG Fiduciary Agent Mr. Damon Earl on +1 (917) 338-2115 or email;

This is your last chance to process this payment. Be informed!

Jan Kenneth Eliasson
Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations
Vice-sécretaire général des Nations unies (French)
Vice-Secretaría General de Naciones Unidas (Spanish)