Monday, March 10, 2014


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How are you today May the Pace of God be With You?

How are you today? and how about your families, and i hope you all are in a good health also, thanks for your email, i am much happier in reading your letter that was printed out to me this morning from the hospital, Sorry for the interruption, you don’t have to be surprise towards my first email to you, i hope and believed that god has his own perfect way of blessing people, Then i begin to invest to help people to grow, i have Schools, hospitals, petroleum depot, in Syria. and i am retired government official I was former personal adviser & financial consultant advisers to some top politician in Syria, Also an oil Tycoon from Saudi Arabia,

Paragraph 1: This is how my Mystery Begin before the Political crises in Syria Regime begin today, President Bashar Hafez al-Assad, In this War Going on today in Syria i lost all my investment in this country, My Car Dealing Station, (Honda Vert Motor Company) (HVMC) was Set on Fire my Two 5 Star Hotel Was burn down to Ashes, I Scape with my Life to the Hospital,

Paragraph 1: My private account in Syria was frozen by the banks, When the rebel attack their Bank during the con-filth war in Syria Free Army Fighters (SFAF), i lost everything, my Lovely wife was murdered by my friends and my partners and my family members, Because of some Political Conflicts,

Paragraph 2: I Was Admitted at the hospital for a Liver Cancer, And I made a very terrible Mistake of my Life, I Sent my beloved Wife to Dubai, I ask her to Meet my Business Partners and Some of my Family Member in Dubai, I Asked her to keep a Proper Account record on our Casino plaza in Dubai she went to Claim our annual Profit from the casino plaza Business from my wicked partners in Dubai, On that very process she was Poisoned and she passed away after two months of great pain in her Heart, I pray that her sprite will streak them all to their early grave.

Paragraph 3: That was why i now decided to look for you as neutral foreign investor to work confidently with my to this my target of investment in your country, based on the Crises going on today in Syria I don’t know it will be my own turn to die, that was the reason why I need to invest my last fund properly to save the Life of my Little three Children,

Paragraph 4: Before I found your contact i have prayed to God, before i sent you my First mail and i hope that god will answer my prayer, the situation in my country is too critical every day more killing, i need to move my three kids out from this country to a better country of yours so that they can study and have a very good future here in Syria to We found No Future.,

Paragraph 5: I do believe that friendship started in just a second; i believed that my contact with you today is the will of almighty God, i apologize for any inconvenience, but please read and objectively consider if we can work together, So that I can appoint you as my Investment Project Manager (IPM) or Financial Investment Project Manager (FIPM) if you aspect to work with me then I will now tell you more about my fund,

All i needed from you at this moment is your full cooperation, and you have to be trustworthy and keep this investment project to yourself, don't worried about the Fund for this project i will finance for all the financial aspect of this project, I'm a legitimate Citizen i made my fund from my oil company in 2001 till 2009 before I retired {in my next email i will send you my photo and my children's photo and my international passport and I will be happy if you do the same,

Paragraph 6: All in need now from you is your Cooperation and assistant about any good profitable investment that i we may profit in future. To invest in your country I Suggested on such as in Real Estate, {buying houses}, {hotel resort}, {hospitals}, {empty lands} in any attractive location in your country Cities,/ or / in any Import and Export of good profitable business that i can benefited from after investing with you, because now that my country cities are in a great danger, i need a help of a foreign business partner that can assist me and my little children to the better future, i want you to tell me more about yourself and more about any lucrative business that i can benefited from in your country, before i may proceed if necessary

Thanks for your Cooperation i hope to read your responds

Best regard
Thanks and best regards,
Eng. Nadeem Qadir.