Thursday, May 16, 2013


419 scams

St. Marks Church United Kingdom/USA
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Dear Beloved,

On behalf of the Trustees and Executor of the estate of Late Dr. Mrs. Grace Scholtz, I once again try to notify you as my earlier letter to you through the Post Office was returned undelivered. I hereby attempt to reach you via your e-mail address. I wish to notify you that late Dr. Mrs. Grace Scholtz made you a beneficiary to her will.

She left the sum of Four Million Pounds Sterling (£4, 000,000.00) to you in the codicil and last testament to her will. Being a widely traveled woman, she must have been in contact with you in the past or simply you were nominated to her by one of her numerous friends abroad who wished you good.

Late Dr. Mrs. Grace Scholtz until her death was an Ethical philosopher, former managing director and pioneer staff of a giant construction company. She was a very devoted Christian who loved to give out and devoted herself to writing books. Her great philanthropy earned her numerous awards during her life time. Late Dr. Grace Scholtz’s Will is now ready for execution.

According to her this money is to support your personal endeavors and to help the poor and the needy. Please If I reach you as I am hopeful; endeavor to get back to me as soon as possible to enable the immediate execution of your portion of the bequest to enable earlier disbursement by the Paying Bank.

You should forward along your telephone and fax numbers including a proof to confirm your identity as the beneficiary in question and your current mailing address if different from the above. Proof of Identity should be either International passport or drivers License.

I hope to hear from you immediately.

Yours in his service,
Elder Henry Fairchild