Saturday, September 3, 2016


419 scams

Good day Friend

I have decided to confide in you after much consideration in as much as
we don`t know each other in person. Please take this matter serious and
give me your attention by providing me a quick response as this matter

I have US$66M moved from Libya to a financial house in a particular
country that i will let you know soon and need an urgent stabilization
on the aspect of configuration of the Original owner`s data`s into the
Bank system database. The sender couldn't make it out of Libya and I am
the only one in direct communication with the financial house as the
mediator and the funds cannot be placed under my name for some good
reasons which I will explain in details if you decide to work with me.

The financial house has called on my urgent attention to provide the
details of the original owner to enable them create an account and place
the funds correctly for possible transfers. Therefore I am sincerely
seeking your assistance on this issue to work with me in honesty for the
funds to be placed under your name thereafter be transferred to any
account of our choice in any parts of the world while we share 30% for
you and 70% for me.

Please think about it and let me know your stand as quick as possible to
enable me provide concrete details of the transaction. Meanwhile I need
your direct telephone number to enable me call you for proper discussion
and better understanding.