Monday, September 26, 2016


419 scams

Uk-joewilly Angel Investment Banking Association
Brokers Financial 39-41 parker street
London WC 28 5PQ United Kingdom

I am an investment Broker focusing on angel investment, with entrepreneurs. My mandate is to locate viable businesses, projects, entrepreneurs needing funding or seeking to raise capital regardless of the growth stage of the such company and then connect directly with an investors. No commission or fee is required for the referral services since I have a standing remuneration arrangement with the investors who are basically high net-worth private individuals, couples and merchant families with viable financial resources. Presently I have a high net-worth family (The Greg McCann and Family) intending to venture into the angel investment business and would be interested to evaluate your funding needs. Should be interested and have the need to be funded, please email your executive summary to them directly via the following email address:

I will appreciate it if you endeavor to mention to them in your email message that I referred you to them. That is all I need in return for this referral services.

Mr. Joshua William
MANAGER Broker and
focus on angel investment