Sunday, January 4, 2015


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KIMMY Close-up motherless&orphanage Is a Charity home/organization
established by me with the assistance of the Federal Government of
Nigeria for the alleviation of poverty, and the care and well-fair of
the underprivileged children and as well as motherless babies for
their future well-fair in the society.
Kimmy Close-up M&O is supervised and managed by REV.Father Philip
jeffry,in the department of Christian religious knowledge,Also in the
faculty of environmental & human management from university of Accra
Please i call on kind hearted people and also to the ones who has love
for children, to help, suopprt and assistant thwe orphange to achieve
its aim, which is giving this children hope, and making their dreams
come true. Am calling you render your kind support and donation to
these less previllaged, For noting is too small in the sight& home of
God:For whatsoever that comes from your heart give and it shall be
giving unto you abundantly by the our lord Jesus and, So that we
should remove tears,sorrow and pains from the children of our Lord
Jesus Christ.!James 1:25(But he who looks into the perfect law of
liberty and continues in it and is not forgetful hearer but a doer of
the work this one will be bless in what he does ,Please you can reach
me through secondary E_mail .
+2348172770602.Or +2348107971707