Monday, January 19, 2015


419 scams

 Our Ref: WUMT/BEN/IMF/ 27/12/14
 Location plot 1261, Adeola
 Hopewell street Co/B rep.

 Attention Beneficiary.

 I am writing you from western union to inform you that An immediate payment of $4,500,000.00USD(Four Million,Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) has been ordered for each of the affected victims. This is in accordance to our recommendation, meanwhile it would be paid to you through the western union Money Transfer via special arrangement in installments of US$5,000 Dollars, so that you can have enough funds to pay for the Tax Clearance and bank charges before you will receive the balance of funds.

 Your funds has been approved by the United Nation the United Nations is a highly reputable organization and we work very hard to keep a clean image and make sure that all the people that have been deceived or duped in Benin and West Africa receives their funds with ease; so with regards to your payment, you have absolutely nothing to worry about because I personally have being working very hard to make sure you receive your funds within the 24hrs upon the receipt of your payment. The moment you make the payment, everything would be fine and we will make sure that your funds get to you at the shortest possible time. Sequel to that, kindly note that we cannot in anyway tamper with your funds either by alteration or by deduction and the reason is to avoided unwarranted discrepancies as your payment has been queued into our database waited to be made upon the receipt of this possible time.

 As to reassure you once again that you have nothing but my 100% assurance that you will receive your payment as soon as you send the requested Notarization fee. It is also my pleasure to inform you that we have finalize all the necessary arrangement on how to wire the funds to your name, but before we proceed you are required to pay for the Notarization fee of $75 as advised in my first email notification to you.

 Every arrangement has been concluded and the fee is the only thing that holding this transaction right now that once you sent the $75 today just consider everything done without no further delay. I will advice you to try humanly possible to make sure you do it since everything is in order.

 For your information the maximum amount you will be receiving as you send the money is $5.000.00 USD till your total funds is complete transferred to you if we receive the fee today, i assure you that you are going to confirm your funds in your hands after sending the required fee

 You are advised to make the payment through MONEY GRAM Or WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER, and as soon as you make the payment with the below information, you are to provide the following details to this office; Senders Name, Sender Address and Reference Number.


 Note: this is the only financial obligation that is required from you as to enable us complete the transfer to your name am waiting to hear from you with the payment detail to enable ud=s complete with the transfer to your name.

 WESTERN UNION TEL: (+2296-855-7424).