Wednesday, October 8, 2014


419 scams

From: David Hodnett

Dear Sir/Madam,

Naturally, this letter will come to you as a surprise since we have not met, permit me however. It is with deep sense of honor and respect that I humbly make this appeal to you with the understanding that any fact/s or opinion/s expressed in this letter is given in confidence and solely for your personal information and use. I am Afraid many things are going on now in the internet which is the only way I think I can get this issue solved but If it does not interest you, disregard the mail but if it makes sense to you, I open my arms wide to do business with you.

I am Mr. David Hodnett, I am the Executive director of Amalgamated Bank of South Africa (ABSA), I got your email address from the business network here in South Africa, and I am assured that you are very capable and honest to transact this business with me. Few years ago, I used an unclaimed fund {$100 million USD} whose owner has died

13yrs ago and no one has come to claim the money. I secretly invest the fund in a high interest program in the Swiss bank, it ran for 7yrs and I made a profit of $10million USD. I have stopped the program and have returned the capital back to our bank, now it's this $10 million USD profit I made which is in an escrow account in our bank, but I will like us to pull the interest I made from the investment and transfer it out of South Africa to your country. All I have to do is to name you as the beneficiary and have it transferred to any bank account of your choice.

I don't know who to contact, that's why I am contacting you today, i will need you to partner with me and provide an account where I can wire transfer this fund and as soon as you have received it in your bank account, I will fly over to meet you. I will give you 40% of the money for your help and I will take 60% too. This is 100% risk free as I legitimately acquired the fund.

If you are interested in this transaction, please do not hesitate get back to me ASAP. Thank you,

Mr. David Hodnett