Sunday, October 5, 2014


419 scams

 Dear Friend

 Good day to you,

  Your company has been recommended to us by Linkedin website "where small business grows" that you can assist 
 us in the areas of investment and manage our funds for us well on viable and profitable good investments. Based on  
 This we are contacting you to co-operate and partner with us in area of positive and viable investments, partnership

 One of our clients, names withheld at this time, wishes and has mandated us via a limited power of attorney to  
 Initiate and negotiate for any viable external investment partnership possibly in real estate or any already  
 Establishment company he is ready to invest in it, the funds is already available

 Kindly please forward to us your detailed company's profile and some suggested possible on the area which you can help us to invest the funds or any projects for  Consideration, forward your detailed contact in your reply. Please treat as most urgent in order for us to proceed As time is of essence, 

 Note reply through this email (

 Thanking you for your time
 Kind Regards