Wednesday, August 20, 2014


419 scams

Attn Dear

ATM MasterCard Valued US $800,000.00

We refer to our earlier mail on the above subject matter and apologize for the delay in transferring your overdue contract inheritance fund due to the fact that our database was attacked which resulted in shutting down of our entire system. Our professional team has worked endlessly & tirelessly to restore our system but still some data is amiss.

Your ATM MasterCard has finally been registered with the secret PIN CODE with DHL to be delivered to your point of contact being part payment of $ 800,000.00 USD.
We have also paid the delivery charges of your parcel except the Security Fee which DHL insisted that it will be paid only upon receipt of the claimant due to demurrages as they don’t know when you will be contacting them for the claim.

Kindly reconfirm your current mailing addresses to avoid wrong delivery: Full Name: Home Address: Occupation: Cell Phone: Country of Origin: Age: Id Proof Scan Copy
DHL Dispatch Officer Mr. Jensen McLean
Phone +918285020781
Fax +91-80-22231417

Accept our apology for the delay

Mrs. Rita E. Benjamin
Assistant Secretary
Century Transformers Pvt. Ltd