Tuesday, August 5, 2014


419 scams

Attention; The Fund Beneficiary.

I am writing this message to you from my private email because it is
confidential, but in my next mail i will reply you through my official
email address to commence the transfer of your overdue payment to you. My
name is Mr. John Matthew, I am the Head of Accounts, Wire Transfer/ATM.
Department Central Bank of Nigeria. I am delighted to contact you directly
for open confession and for you to know the truth of the matter and the
reason why you have not received your overdue contract inheritance approved
sum of Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only
($12.5M) up to this time.

The truth is that your local partner or representative who claimed to
represent you into this contract inheritance payment came to my office some
time ago and made an agreement with me to assist him and transfer your
$12.5M to you and he promised to pay me a compensation sum of $250,000 as
soon as you confirm your funds into your account.

The agreement was signed between both of us without legalizing it in the
court and after I commenced on the processing of the fund transfer in the
Central Transfer Swift Board ready for final transfer into your account,
your local partner decided to play over my intelligence by deciding to
abandon me and use a Cash Diplomatic System of payment through this Bank to
deliver your payment to you in your country without my consent not knowing
that the Cash Diplomatic System Payment office Is under my department and
when I found out I stopped all the movement of the payment and he went at
my back to use ATM System of Payment to pay you without knowing that it is
under my department and I stopped it again.

Last week, your local representative still came back to my office to plead
with me for a fresh agreement to transfer the fund into your account again
and promise not to disappoint me again and he submitted the below bank
account details on your behalf for the transfer of your fund:

Bank Name; Citi Bank
Bank Add: 201 W. 125th Street, New York,N.Y.10027.
Bank Telephone # 212-932-1319.
Account Number; 497-100-0765./497-191-6263
Routing Number; 021000089.
Swift Code: ctbxx2905?
Account Beneficiary's Name; Pamelia R. King.

When I looked into this account details I observed that the name of the
account holder is different from your own name and I decided to contact you
directly to know if you are the true beneficiary of this account and also
let you know the simple reason why you have not received your payment up to
this time.

Please kindly go through the above bank details and confirm to me if the
account is your correct bank account details or not and get back to me
immediately to avoid paying to the wrong account because I am an honest Man
and i believe that good name is better than Riches, and my bible made me to
know that after here on earth there is a place for us in Heaving. the
Address and Telephone Number of the bank is here, so you can call the bank
to verify the Existence of the Account and the Beneficiary's Name; Pamelia
R. King.

Do reply this mail and include your direct telephone number where you can
be reached any time and your bank details where you want your fund to be
transferred to, and do not hesitate to call me on my direct telephone
number +234-818-2690172 as you read this message for more details that i
cannot disclose to you in the email for fund security reason.

With Regards,

Mr. John Matthew;
Head of Accounts, Wire Transfer/ATM. Department,
Central Bank of Nigeria
Office Tel: +234 1-4548293
Tel: +234-818-2690172