Saturday, August 9, 2014


419 scams


During a recent random email raffle draw to reduce the rate of poverty alleviation program by United nation all over the world, your email is amount the luck ones that were selected, this is an immediate transfer/ releases of your US$2.5M by us the United Nation via Emirate Bank of UAE Directly into your Bank Account, upon the receipt of your bank information we will issue clearance to Emirate Bank to transfer your funds to you.

Your US$2.5 M, which has been coded in your name and nobody has any legal right to deduct or to add any Cent to or from it than for the whole funds to be transferred to you according to the UN convention directives on International Payment Release process

You have to be rest assured that you will receive your funds once you do what we the UN ask you to do, without this means you will not receive your funds and we have no any other options than to send your Total Sum of US$2.5M to the UAE Parliament for confiscation, is better to be save than to be sorry.

For further infomation, please send a message with your personal identification VPSHUAEIRT001702 from the winning email address that we have on file


Dr. James C Brown
UAE Director United Nations