Saturday, August 23, 2014


419 scams

Good Day to you. Please forgive my using this means to reach you but I can't think of any other way of letting you know of this urgent matter at hand. My name is Ms Penny Hughes,I have a business proposition I would like to discuss with you.If would like me to indulge you kindly respond to my email for more details.
 You can also check on me on for more details

 Yours sincerely,

This is to notify you that US$10.5 Million have been transferred into an account in your name as the beneiciary of funds.

This funds was transferred without proper documentation to show it is not related to terrorist or money laundering activities.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) advice that you obtain the proper DIST(diplomatic Immunity Seal of Transfer/Antiterrorist Certficate) transfer release document which should release and effect the funds valued at $10,500,000.00 to you.

You are expected to have the CLEARANCE DOCUMENT obtainable at a fee of USD Three Hundred and Twenty ($320). Only then shall we release your FUND as clean money devoid of any illegality, and you will be free of any involvement. To this end, the funds will be legally credited into any account of your choice with immediate effect.

Get back to us, so we can direct you on how to obtain the transfer release document.