Tuesday, February 11, 2014


419 scams

Dear Friend.

Permit me to share with you, my desire to go into business partnership with you. I got your profound contact email from a computerized data, following my effort searching for a reliable and trustworthy person to assist me in this venture.

My name is Mr. Richard Blanc, I am the Credit Account Manager with Access Bank Limited Benin Republic in West Africa Region. I have an obscured business Transaction I wish to discuss and handle with you, if only you can give it a little attention.

BRIEF DETAIL OF TRANSACTION: It involves moving an Excess Maximum Returned Capital Profit (EMRCP) of 1.2% to any of your Overseas bank account, and commence a standard Investment.

In Access Bank Limited, We have well over 158 Corporate Investors ,Locally and Internationally, who invested their Capital Funds in our bank, and those Capital Invested Funds are being managed and administered by my office.

The Capital Invested Funds has a value of over US$22Billion net. This Value is been used for Trading in Stock Market, Crude Oil business and Lending with Profit Returns. At Every end of year, each Corporate Investor is entitled to receive a 100% Dividend/Interest benefits of any Amount invested .

However, Access Bank Limited has a Targeted Capital Profit of 20% in every year, but in the year 2012, my office made an over targeted profit to the tune of 21.2% ,which 20% targeted profit was reported and submitted to the management. Since 2012 i have deposited and placed the over-accrude profit of 1.2% which has value of US$1.5Million in a suspense account until date.

With all due respect, I seek your concept and permission to present you to our bank as one of our bank foreign investors who has not receive his 2012 dividend benefit, so that our bank will transfer this over maximum profit of 1.2% (US$1.5Million) to your nominated bank account, for both of us to share among ourselves.

Note, after handling this project successfully, you will get 50% of the total fund and 50% for me.

If you are interested and willing to handle this project with me, kindly reply this letter today and send me the below listed information, which I will use to process all the bank official papers/documents in your name to back up this claim.

1. Your Full Name
2. Country of Origin
3. Office or Residence Address
4. Contact Phone Nos
5. Present Occupation
6. Sex (Male or Female.)

Note i do not have intention to contact any further person (s) unless i receive your response today indicating you are not interested.

Your earliest response to this proposition will be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Mr. Richard Blanc
Credit Accounts Officer