Tuesday, January 10, 2012


419 scams

Dear Western Union Customer,

You have been awarded with the sum of $50,000 USD by our office, as one of our customers who use Western Union in their daily business transaction. This award was been selected through the internet, where your e-mail address was indicated and notified. Please provide Mr. Gary Epps with the following details listed below so that your fund will be remited to you through Western Union.

1. Name:______
2. Address________
3. Country:_______
4. Phone Number____
5. Occupation:________
6. Sex:_________________
7. Age___________________

Mr.Gary Epps
E-mail: wu_africadep@shqiptar.eu

As soon as these details are received and verified, your fund will be transferred to you.

Thank you, for using western union

21st Floor, Jalan Kampar, Plaza Permata,
50400, Kuala Lumpur.

The G-20 Group in relationship with HSBC London has concluded that
our working partner (Money Gram Malaysia) has helped us to send your
first instalmental payment of US$5,000 as instructed by the Group of
Twenty (G-20) in conjuction with the Malaysia government and will keep
sending you $5000 twice a week until the full payment of (US$820,000 )
is fully remitted to you.

Here is the informations of the $5000.00 your first payout
SENDER'S NAME: kelly Pedersen

To track your funds, You are to forward your name to our money gram agent
(Mr Ron Edwards) via email: monegramalay007@yahoo.co.jp
Your Name __________________________
Phone number _______________________

Contact Mr Ron Edwards for the funds clearance certificate necessary for
the release of your funds
E-mail: monegramalay007@yahoo.co.jp

Best Regards,
Mrs Patricia Lee
Money Gram Malaysia