Friday, January 6, 2012


419 scams

Queen Camara ( ) found the following link while browsing the Harvard Kennedy School web site and thought you might find it of interest.

Message from the sender:
Dearest One, I would be glad to be part of you and would love to be well taken care of because i have lived a miserable life when i lost my lovely parents at this my tender age and sincerely and honestly speaking he left some huge sum for me which i would have embark on to make use for my future,but when i visited the bank for confirmation,i was told my late father deposited it for onward transfer for investment purposes and made an agreement that i can only have an access at a stipulated age which i am still at present very young and in the agreement made with him and the bank,he said i am free to appoint any foreign partner to help me secure the fund and with you as my God's sent with a sincere heart,i would be glad if you can help me so the fund can be transfered to your account and immediately after confirmation,you arranged for my relocation so i can start life with you. I urge and solicit for your kind understanding to get back to me with any question and i am willing to disclose to you everything and give you further clarifications.Thank you for your love,sincerity and honesty and i look forward to your kind and positive response to enable us progress further.Wishing you a pleasant moment and God bless. Now permit me to ask these few questions: - (1) Can you honestly help me as a guardian? (2) Can I completely trust you? (3) What percentage of the total amount in question will be good for you after the money is in your account? (4) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my educational career and to secure a residential permit for me in your country. (5) To provide good investment plans for the fund. Furthermore, you can indicate your option towards assisting me as I believe that this transaction would be concluded within a stipulated period of time you signify your interest to assist me. Yours sincerely,
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Dear One

I am Miss.Safitu Al Gaddafi the daughter of late Gaddafi, I have been
commissioned to contact an interested foreign investor/partner who will be
able to take absolute control of part of the vast cash available in my
account for a possible investment in your country.

If this transaction interest you, you don’t have to disclose it to any body
because of what is going with my entire family, if the united nation
happens to know this account, they will freeze it as they freeze others so
keep this transaction for yourself only until we finalize it.I want to
transfer this money into your account immediately for onward investment in
your country because I don’t want the united nation to know about this

I have the sum of US$ 30.5 Thirty Million five hundred thousand dollars in
Ecobank here in this country.
Therefore if you are capable of running an establishment and can maintain
the high level of secrecy required in this project, kindly respond with the
following information for the details of the project.

Best regards,
Miss.Safitu Al GaddafiA