Monday, January 23, 2012


419 scams

Good Day

I am Mrs. Bingham, My Doctor told me that I have limited days. I have decided to donate (4.8M) Four million Eight Thousand hundred Pounds from my late husband fund to you and want you to use this gift which comes from my husband's effort to fund the upkeep of the less privilege. I will give you further details upon receipt of this message.

I cry and feel bad each time i think about my son who just pass on again, Well, Bojan was only 23, and he got in the fast lane and had gotten involved in drugs and had gone to a substance abuse clinic. They actually prescribed a drug inappropriate for him that was not protocol and he laid down and had a reaction and went to sleep and it stopped his heart, I have every thoughts in my heart each time I open my eyes, My last joy will be when I can confirm you have the funds in custody and doing the work in the humanitarian field as instructed

Thanks for your cooperation if you are able, Remain blessed

Yours in Vineyard,
Mrs. Elizabeth Bingham

Shopping scams


We are currently recruiting mystery shoppers for all areas in The United States. Shoppers are paid per shop, plus reimbursement for their meal.Mystery shopping is a paid experience and basically involves you giving your feedback on the experience you receive at the restaurant and You will earn $300 per Mystery shopping Shopping

We have client companies and we serve them around the world. Our job is to provide OBJECTIVE, CONSTRUCTIVE feedback about how well they follow the standards you will learn.

It involves visiting their restaurants on specific days at specific times and purchasing specific products at grocery store . You will act has a normal customer ordering and eating food, while making important observations.

Once you leave the restaurant, you will complete a questionnaire and report your results online within 24 hours of the visit. You are reimbursed for all specified food purchase .Mystery shopping is focused on monitoring and improving quality and service to ensure consistency with brand standards using anonymous resources (shoppers).

To apply Send in your resume by downloading the attachment of this email

howard scott
 455 South 4th Street, Suite 650
 Louisville, KY 40202