Monday, January 2, 2012


Love scams

I'm the only kid, don't know most of my relations too well cos i never stayed with them and they never come around to visit i guess maybe its becos i live far away from them...I believe my profile must have told u all so i'll just say few things that are not written on my profile..My dad was a
successful business man.. I lost my dad when i was five (5). I'm Originally from new york in America and my dad is an American while my
mom is an African....My dad met my mom when he came to Africa on a Business trip so he decided to take my mom to the state and they both
got married then they gave Birth to me.My mom moved back to Nigeria when i was 6, she went there to settle down and leave a new life.On a
faithful good morning i got a letter on my mail box stating that my mom is Sick in Africa, I believe u now know the fact that right now
i'm currently in Nigeria taking care of my sick mom and as soon as she gets better i'll be back in the states.I am a wonderful, single woman
with a heart of gold, a woman you would love to meet and even spend the whole rest of your life with as am also willing to meet that
special man God has sent to me. I just need every thing i ever wanted in one man only, am ready to spend both my day and night with that
special man.I'm my own woman and I am comfortable with my own life.I'm Caring, kind and respectful, well-spoken, and. I am extremely
passionate and affectionate...I'm just an everyday, ordinary, average,normal woman. Nothing special about me. Have to go now and i just cant
wait to hear from you....

PS: Hope u do reply back telling me few things about yourself and with
some pictures of You

419 scams

Dearest One,
My name is Abul Kalam Azad.
I am a dying man who have decided to Donate the sum of
$18million dollars. to you for the good work of the Humanity.
Please contact me via. Email: for
detailed information on this noble project of mine.
Please note that I have WILLED $18m to you by quoting my
personal reference number De/Jds/533/0068/HtrI/33ln/eg.
So that i can confirm that you actually received my email
notice to you.
Wassalam and Regards,
Abul Kalam Azad,