Thursday, January 5, 2012

Greenbrier sheriff warns of phone scam

The Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents about an ongoing telephone scam that was first reported to law enforcement Tuesday. “They appear to be targeting older people mostly, although the person who contacted our office about the scam isn’t older,” Cpl. Kevin Sawyers said Wednesday morning. “The (scam artist) says something along the line of ‘you’ve won $7,000, but to claim it you have to send us a $190 processing fee today via Western Union,’” Sawyers said.


theikmarket said...

Scam's the oldest profession but it's sad that however intense people are reminded about it, there are still a few who get scammed and losses money to it.

Don't you think it's about time people become more skeptical about transactions especially over the phone?

theikmarket said...

People may not notice but there has been a rise on the number of scam complaints reported to

This implied that scam artists have become more confident in stealing people's money over the phone because they're difficult to locate and the authorities never seem to give them enough attention.