Thursday, January 19, 2012


Mysterty shop scam

Dear madam / sir

You have been selected for assignment as detective shopper
In your area. You will get $ 200 to shopper detective.
Pack your work will include funds for expenditure.
Detailed job description will be sent to you prior to your assignment.

We want you to participate because it's fun & rewarding.
Once you sign up, you will have access to training materials.
Give the following details if you are interested :

F u  l l  n a m e:
Address (not p.o box):
City, state,  zip:
A g e:
E m a i l:
Phone number  (cell&home):

As a Detective Shopper You work and shop together for  pleasure,
And You only work 2-3 hours twice in a week.

More details will be given upon your reply.
Your quick response will be highly appreciated. 

Official Recruiters
Secret shopper application art®

Lotto scams

International Awareness
Promotion Department
Lamborghini Automobili Company.
27 Old Brompton Road London SW7 3TD
Ref Num: Lamborghini: 2751BH4

Note: Congratulations !!! Congratulations !!!

This is to inform you that your email ID has won a new Lamborghini car and prize funds One million Euros (1,000.000 Euros) to complete this Lamborghini Automobile Company Poverty Alleviation Prize United Kingdom 2012. This award was conducted in order to reduce the state of urban poverty alleviation and debt settlement in the region of Asia and Europe. Note: A random email balloting system selected your email address amongst a total of fourteen (14) winners without the sale of any tickets.

The car comes with a special cover for Lamborghini insurance is a year until the next promotion in 2013. It also comes with one year warranty and free repairs in any Lamborghini Car Company stores or service station worldwide.

Claim requirements are as follows: -
(1) Your full names:
(2) Contact Address:
(3) Age:
(4) Occupation:
(5) Telephone:
(6) Sex:
(7) Nationality:

NB: You are to reply directly to this email {} because any mail sent to any other email address will not be attended to. Congratulations once again and trust in top quality Lamborghini Automobile.

Events Contact Manager
Name: Rev. Toni Cruz