Thursday, February 7, 2019


419 scams

Dear Sir/Ma,
We are Professional Cyber Tech Credit Union with a large ring around the globe infected with more than 8 million Debit malware and Skimmers, We create a Programmed ATM card with which one can withdraw cash either in Euros or Dollars from any Atm Outlets all over the world, The card can also be used for your online purchase.

This Technology was invented by (Friedrich J Klaus and Heinrich Klaus) in the year 2008 from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, As they wish to help those going through financial setback get a better life with these programmed cards, you do not need loans from the banks anymore as we are here to help clear those bills and debts with the help of our cards.
NOTE: There are lot of impostors Everywhere claiming to have these programmed cards just to get you ripped off your hard earned money, be wise enough to see that, We have a total record of 100% Success from the feedback of those who have made use of our cards in Europe and American Countries, contact us today via:( to make an order and we will respond shortly after we receive your email.