Sunday, February 10, 2019


419 scams

Hello Dear,

How are you doing today? I hope this email finds you healthy and safe. I am
contacting you in this way because of the need and urgency of this transaction.

First, Let me introduce myself and this business opportunity to you. My Name is Mr.
James Assogba and I work with Ghana Mines & Industry and also the Head of
Finance/contract approval department. I wish to know if we can work together?

Really I do not know how best to begin. I am afraid, Not because of I am not sure of
my plans or myself but because I am not sure the kind of person you are and what
would be your reaction if I open up to you. My plea therefore is that you take me as
one who trusts you and help me keep this matter between you and I only, whether you
want to do business with me or not.

Where I work, there are so many opportunities for making large money without stress.
All that is required is having a trusted partner and confidant from outside my
country who can maintain some degree of secrecy and who has a high degree of
business acumen to harness the funds that I shall place in his/her custody. I guess
your company could be a better plan for this arrangement.

For instance, I have the capacity to move the sum of (Euro 9,800,000.00) to your
account in any part of the world provided you and I agree on equitable sharing
formula between both of us on successful transfer of the funds to your account. I
need your co-operation to the extent that you assume the position of a contractor
who executed a certain contract (Details of Contract to be provided later) in 2003
and you are receiving the said fund for the contract which was done by your company.

I would like to use my position in the office to recommend you as the business
partner to a deceased contractor name (with held) so that you can receive the fund
for our own benefits. The deceased contractor has unpaid contract balance payment of
(Euro 9,800,000.00) for supply and installation of Industrial Equipment to our

He died a month after the completion of the contract project without any registered
business partner in his file.

If you are interested, please let me have your telephone number and full names to
enable me give you comprehensive details on what we are to do to get this
transaction concluded.I look forward for your quick response.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. James Assogba