Tuesday, July 17, 2018


419 scams

Hello Good Day,

It was very nice coming in contact with you I know that the content of this message will sound odd to you when reading but I wish to confirm in all honestly that everything you are about to read is truth.

While i went for a contract in 2011 during the unrest in Libya against the former ruler Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, in the house of his defense Minister Abu Bakr Yunis Jabr, Myself and another officer came across some fortune (funds) and Gold bars loaded in cases.

Due to delicate nature of the country during the war, we were very careful but still did a little to secure some of the money for myself and some Gold bars, then on one of my trip to Belgium, I managed to move this money and Gold bars to U.K which I later deposited with a security firm and declared the contents as family treasure meant to be transferred to a family friend, though I never gave any name or contact of intended recipient.About a week ago, I got an email message from the security company, informing me that the deposited boxes will be confiscated and declared unclaimed

deposit and surrendered to the security treasury if they did not hear from me before the end of this month and as things stands now, I cannot abandon my duty here in Afghanistan , hence I started to search for a trustworthy person whom I can communicate with this info and the person can work with me for the release of the boxes containing the fund and Gold and transfer them to you after which I shall join you when am down with my duty but I wouldn't like to transfer them to any relatives or to my country, not at all, it must be some where else.

I will give more details on the amount in the box and the quantity of the Gold when you reply with interest. ..

Best Regards

Admiral Gavin Harris