Thursday, July 19, 2018


419 scams


I am Senate Committee Chairman on Anti-Corruption and Financial Crimes under the
office of Vice President, I hope this message finds you in good health. I have your
information on my desk; your name has appeared here on several occasions as one of
the debtors to receive their payment but without any success at last.

President DONALD TRUMP has authorized us to release FUNDS stolen by fraudsters in
Canada and Africa as part of Operation Reclaim USA finance from Canada and Africa.
See recent News on FOX NEWS about Canada and Africa Corruption, Thievery at Highest
Levels. Justin Tredeau to be arrested by the FBI for his crimes against Americans
like YOU.

From all my personal investigation in your payment file today, I sincerely wish to
inform you that you are entitled for release of funds owed to you from Canada and

Meanwhile, there are still few mistakes and illegal approval documents in your
payment file, even the contract details and amount etc, these are the reason why you
could not receive this payment up till this day and will not receive it until you
comply with my terms. However this fund came as a result of an over-invoiced
contract inheritance, which has already been approved for payment in your name. But
due to the above reasons we cannot further this payment unless you will agree on my
conditions that this fund shall be a deal between me and you.

My conditions is as follows:

1) As soon as you receive this fund I shall be entitle of 25% of the total sum.

2) You shall keep this deal between me and you as top secret.

3) You renounce Canada and Africa

4) You are loyal to President Donald Trump

If you cannot agree to work on my above conditions, I shall forward my report to the
following authorities such as FBI, CIA, Fox News, FCC. Therefore all I need is your
sincere truth and co-operation so that I can tell you the next thing to do for
immediate release of the funds to you for our both benefit.

I wait for your reply.

Be advice.

Hillary Smith

Astronaut, Senate Committee Chairman

on Anti-Corruption and Financial Crime