Monday, July 30, 2018


419 scams

Dear Beneficiary,

I have made new arrangements with an international experts in funds
managements here with (CIBC FIRST CARIBBEAN BANK CAYMAN ISLAND)After the
account opening over there in Cayman Island in the new Bank (CIBC FIRST
CARIBBEAN BANK, CAYMAN ISLAND) then she will help you lodge into your new
opened account with (CIBC FIRST CARIBBEAN BANK, CAYMAN ISLAND) into your
account with the same bank, this arrangements is for safekeeping of your
funds because you can not bring all your funds at once to your country
because of the new rules and regulations on moving huge sum of funds from
one place or the other,

with this arrangements, you will be officially protected and there will be
no more records of your funds to your governments, you will only make
transfers from your offshore account once you need money to settle matters
like payments of your mortgage, payments of your cash loan, children school
fees, official business payments and lots of others payments from your
side, this is all supported with the official bank to bank transfer system.

Here is all the Benefits:
Transperency - Best Services
NO Taxes for foreigners !
Personalised account manager
24/7 Internet banking and payments
Send -/receive funds by international wire
IBAN and SWIFT -/BIC payments
NO personal visit to Cayman Islands required
Multicurrency account management
Approval guaranteed!

Yours Faithfully