Tuesday, July 10, 2018


419 scams

Citi bank
332 Oxford Street London
United Kingdoom

Your attention is needed,

Greetings from the Citi bank. This is to inform you about your inheritance fund which we would like to make available to you as soon as possible because we have received several complaints from so many people who have lost their fund in the hands of some fraudsters and some which was impersonated by some bad citizens and we paid the money to the wrong persons, we advice that you take this so serious because this money belongs to you and we believe that it will add more value to your life.
Did you authorized anyone to pick up your inheritance fund from our branch in Oxford street London? One Mr. Alex Williams came to our office yesterday in-respect of your $5 million dollars which has been credited with us for the past two months now by the Federal Government to be transferred into your account. He said that you authorized him to pick up the fund.

This fund has been in our custody for the past two months now and we have been waiting for you to contact us but we didn't know what is hindering you from reaching us since. So we decided to write to you to make sure that you are fine and aware of the inheritance fund of $5 million dollars in our branch office in Oxford street.
We want you to get back to us with the following details:

Full Name:
Phone number:

This above listed details are needed as fast as possible if you didn't authorize anyone to pick up your fund from our branch in Idaho.
We have three means which you can use to receive your fund and you are to choose the suitable option for you. Here are the options:

(1) Bank to Bank wire transfer: It will take only 10 hours for you to receive your fund into your preferred account. The cost of transfer charge is $330.

(2) Credit Card delivery: It will take 30 hours for you to receive your credit card with the $5 million dollars inside the credit card. The maximum amount you can withdraw daily is $5000. The delivery fee is $220.

(3) Consignment box delivery: Your fund will be sealed in a box without anyone knowing what is inside it and it will be delivered to your house in cash. It will take 2 working days to be delivered to your house. This will cost $260.

NOTE: Contact Mr. Scott A. Peters with your details and the option you preferred to receive your money with. He is the transfer manager of citi bank oxford street London branch. Here is his following details:
Email address: citibankgroups@citromail.hu

The above mentioned options are the medium which you can use to receive your fund safely. Endeavor to get back to us as fast as you can with your details and suitable option if you didn't authorize anyone to pick up your fund in our branch. Your urgent attention is needed to enable us proceed with the transaction as your fund is ready for delivery.

Thank you.
Mr. Kevin Kessinger
Chief Operation Officer
Citi Bank
Email: citibankgroups@citromail.hu