Wednesday, February 28, 2018


419 scams

My name is Charles Chow and I work at the Private Wealth Management at
the China Merchants Bank. I was in the United States on a 5 (Five) day
official assignment. I am getting in touch with you regarding a deceased
client with your exact last name who has an investment that was placed
under our bank’s management several years ago. I would respectfully
request that you keep the contents of this mail confidential and respect
the integrity of the information contained within. I contact you
independently and no one has been informed of this communication.

In 2008, Mr. JEFFERY came to our bank to engage in business discussions
with our private banking division. He was met by me personally and he
informed me that he had a financial portfolio of US$53.7M (Fifty-Three
Million Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars), which he wanted
the bank to invest on his behalf. Based on my advice, we invested the
money in the money markets in the US and made attractive margins for the
first year of operation. The accrued profit and interest stood at
US$4.1M (Four Million One Hundred Thousand United States Dollars). In
2008, he instructed that the profit sum be
liquidated because he needed to make a business investment. The bank
informed Mr. Jeffery that it would take 30 days to liquidate his profits
and he agreed to wait. After the 30 day period Mr. Jeffery failed to
contact the bank to retrieve his funds as agreed.

Several attempts were made by myself to reach Mr. Jeffery but were
unsuccessful. Months passed and there was still no word from him.On
further enquiries I found out that Mr. Jeffery was involved in a fatal
accident in Mainland China. Following his death I searched and could not
find a next of kin. It is for this reason I have sent you this letter,
because you bear the exact last name of our deceased client. I am aware
that according to the laws of my country that at the expiration of 10
years these funds will become the property of the Hong Kong Government
as a matter of public policy, if nobody applies and steps forward to
claim these funds.

In simple terms this is what am proposing since I have access to his
file, I will back date documents to show that you are the beneficiary of
these funds. I will then submit the appropriate documents to the
government offices that approve payments for beneficiaries of the
deceased. Once the approvals are granted the China Merchants Bank will
instruct a financial Institution to finalize the process, you will then
be contacted and the rest as they say will be history.

Obviously for getting involved you will take a share of the money. I am
willing to offer you 40 percent since I need someone with the exact last
name of the deceased, to get this approved. This is an extremely rare
opportunity and I hope that I have found the right person to help me. To
protect myself since I actually live in Hong Kong and for security
reasons I would want us to keep communication for now strictly by phone
and emails. Although I do not know you personally, I ask that you please
honor my trust by keeping this just between us. If you are interested.

I am taking a risk by contacting you but I feel this is my only chance
to get this done. I cannot see another opportunity coming along like
this while I am still working at the bank.

I await your positive response Email :
best regards
Charles Chow.