Wednesday, February 7, 2018


419 scams

James Williams
United Nation Diplomatic Agent,
Tel: +1(786) 763-3265

Hello Beneficiary,

I am pleased to inform you that i am back in United States with your consignment
fund valued $11.5 Million Dollars from Mrs. Anna Blair and i am at Miami
International Airport(MIA) trying en route your doorstep, but the United States
customs and border protection service officials are asking for a non inspection
sticker for the consignment as well as an anti terrorist certificate, before they
can let me proceed. According to them, since the consignment is a diplomatic luggage
we have to produce these documents or they wont let me proceed to your doorstep, i
have also asked them how we can get this document since we do not have it and they
said it will be issued over here and the cost is $750, You need to send them the
above payment to have the document issued. Meanwhile the luggage have been detained
pending when you produce the documents or pay the required amount for them to help
us get these documents.

I need you to get back to me immediately with your address where you want this fund
delivered so i can provide you the details on how to send the money across to them
here in Miami.

I hope we get this done today as i have been mandated to deliver the consignment to
you today without fail.

You can also reach me via this email or call me +1(786) 763-3265.

James Williams.